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Published on December 12, 2008

Author: aSGuest6479


Snapple… Still the Best stuff of Earth : Snapple… Still the Best stuff of Earth Demetrius Beasley Angela Copeland Manomayanggoon Kriskorn (Kris) Zoya Lieberman Andrew Robinson Bradley Zagnoev Romotio Vertise Presents: Market Segment : Market Segment Geographic: Region: National Density: Suburban Demographic: Age: 25-34 Family Size: 4-6 Family Life Cycle: young single; young married; young, married, child under 6 Gender: Male, female Income: $20,000 - $100,000; $100,000+ Occupation: young professionals Education: Some college; college graduate Market Segment : Market Segment Behavioral Occasions: Regular Occasion Benefits: Taste, Quality User Status: Regular User Usage Rate: Medium user, heavy user Loyalty Status: Strong, absolute Readiness Stage: Informed, intending to buy Attitude Toward Product: Enthusiastic, positive Target Market : Target Market Target: Professional on the go! 25-34, liberal, educated, hip, cool Values: Individualism, new experiences Attitudes: Balance social and business life Headlines and Slogans : Headlines and Slogans Headline: “Snapple… Still the best stuff on earth.” Slogan: “Sip the Juice.” Product Positioning : Product Positioning What do consumers currently think about Snapple? Lack of focus No longer rebellious, cutting edge, fresh, and fun What do we want consumers to think about Snapple? Snapple is still fun, fresh, natural, and cool Snapple mantra did not change New generation is ready to re-discover the appeal of Snapple What is the single most compelling thing we can say to the consumers? “Snapple…Still The Best Stuff on Earth.” Product Positioning : Product Positioning Why is Snapple different? Packaging – the original experience. Bottle and label have not changed. Read the label – only natural ingredients are used. Company growth - giant with a big heart. Perception – providing a unique experience. Everyday life – fits into daily rituals and routines. Snapple brand – stays true to the original customers while developing new loyal ones. Product Positioning : Product Positioning How can we reach the consumer? Unifying message: experience the “Snapple Moment” Radio Spot Tonality: off beat product Snapple is quirky, fun, smart, light-hearted, and witty “Sip the Juice” Christmas Ornament : “Sip the Juice” Christmas Ornament Christmas ornament attaches here Snapple Frisbee & Bowling Pin : Snapple Frisbee & Bowling Pin Knock this pin down, win a Snapple! Snapple Mixology Book : Snapple Mixology Book Book Cover Snapple Mixology Book : Snapple Appletini 1 oz. Snapple Apple Juice 1 oz. Apple Schnapps 1 oz. Stoli Vodka In a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients. Shake well and strain into a Martini glass. Garnish with apple slice. "Real Fact" #110 Get all the "Real Facts" at Frogs never drink. Snapple Mixology Book Inside Slide 14: THANK YOU! AND SIP THE JUICE!

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