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Published on February 27, 2014

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This article has been written for Techkriti Blog for a Cause Contest.
The topic was:
“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children.” Keeping this philosophy into account how can we make sustainable development in the world

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We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children A few days back while watching television I saw an advertisement starring Ram Kapoor promoting "Save Fuel". In the evening my seven year old nephew came to see us. With that short but strong ad still on my mind I asked what he wants to do in life. The answer was "Same as my dad"(he was a civil engineer) and I wondered aren't there enough buildings, roads and bridges already? Will we keep encroaching like this and never plan land use?? Dismissing these thoughts as he was expecting a reply I proceeded "What would it be if not this?" After a long pause he blurted "I will make cars" and again I cursed thinking of the innumerable cars of various sizes, shapes and colors all consuming the limited resources like petrol or diesel and polluting the environment. Awaiting for a better answer I continued "What else can it be?" Sensing the interrogation is not over he gave a prompt reply "I will make a website like Facebook". I was stunned because he knew what Facebook was and although useful in some ways but we all end up wasting our time and electricity. I kept

digging deeper but wasn’t satisfied with any of his responses. Suddenly it occurred that it wasn’t his fault but ours. He was just planning to do things we are busy doing. We have been so narcissist that today the environment is at stake. Usually the things which are always there for us are taken for granted. These sometimes include our family which is always there to support us, friends who are invariably kind and gracious and many other things. In recent years our benevolent environment has moved into this list too and we can't turn a Nelson's eye to the upshot. Giving a second thought about the quality before drinking water, inhaling polluted air, insecticide penetrated food are the evident consequences of reckless construction of industries and use of too much chemicals. Besides we have been proliferate in the use of umpteen resources which are gradually becoming non-renewable. The law of karma applies here too. What we have done to the environment has eventually come to us. An important point to notice is that the deterioration of the environment is not done in one day or by one person. It has been going on around since quite some time making our ancestors and everyone of us responsible in a way or the other. If we keep procrastinating to take a step, the day is not far when we would wake up one morning and realize our children are wearing masks while playing outside. Indeed, it won't be a very pleasant sight. The only thing pulling us back from moving forward is that we all want initiative to be taken but by someone else. We want our surroundings

clean without getting our hands dirty. It is astonishing how we buy a new gadget without any delay if our neighbor has one but we don't even pay attention if the same neighbor is planting trees. We all are still waiting for a magic wand in vain to make things better. The ball is still in our court if we stop complaining and start co-operating. It’s time to take the onus of responsibility. Our attitude and efforts can make a phenomenal change. Stop blaming government for everything and be a torchbearer. Rediscover the importance of environment and switch to greener lifestyles. To harness the resources, devise ways which does not harm the nature. We may have different professions but we have to be an environmentalist first. Just bear in mind no matter how small role or part we play it will make a bigger change. Let’s make "environment unfriendly' an outmoded thinking and assure that our future generations won't feel homeless on their own planet. - Sucheta Gune

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