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Published on February 19, 2009

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Slide 1: Jain Way of Life (J-WOL) Slide 2: Non-Violence (Ahimsa) Strengthens the autonomy of life of every being; fellow being, environment, thoughts and actions The New Jain Vision – Thoughts/Speech/Action towards… Non-Possession (Aparigraha) Strengthens the interdependence of all and share limited resources Non-One-Sidedness (Anekäntavaäd) Strengthens the autonomy of thought of every individual Slide 3: Equanimity, purity of conduct ---Ahimsa Equanimity -------Inner reflection -------Anekäntaväda Equanimous of speech -----Syädväd Equality for Society -----Aparigraha Slide 4: Proper - Lawful living, marriage, food, care of dependents, service to guests, etc.. Humiliating others, control on senses, prejudice, control ofpassions, Lust, Anger, Greed, Ego, Arrogance, living in improper places, etc. Fear sin, sense of shame, serene temperament, acquiring special knowledge, appreciation of virtures 11-Duties 8-Faults 8-Virtues 5-Achar 14-Gunsthans 5-Anuvrat (NV, Truth, non-stealing, Celibacy, non-poss.) Type of Samvar: 4 – Meditations 5-Samitis (Carefulness) 3-Guptis (Restraint) 10-Yati-Dharma 12-Bhavanas 22-Victory over suffering 5-Charitra (Conduct) Others JWOL Gratitude, Benevolence, Virtuous people, Intellect, practice tradition 8-Endeavors 35 qualities leading to a noble life (Märgänusäri Gunas) : 35 qualities leading to a noble life (Märgänusäri Gunas) The path of liberation: Full endeavors for the attainment of Samyag -darshan, Samyag-jnän, and Samyag-chäritra. The life leading to that path is Märgänusäri life . Slide 6: The Eleven Duties: Lawful earning in accordance with law. Proper expenditure within the limits of one's income. Proper dress and accessories Proper marriage Proper residence Slide 7: Eating food at proper time Food should be healthy and non-provocative. Respecting and taking care of the parents and the elders. Taking care of the dependents. Rendering service to guests, monks, needy and destitute people Rendering services to the worthy Slide 8: The Eight Faults To Be Discarded: Discarding the habit of humiliating others. Discarding despicable activities Controlling the senses Conquering the six inner enemies (passions):. Discarding prejudice Pursuing the three Purushärtha (in such a way that they do not harm one another) Discarding a place where calamities occur. Discarding the place and time, which are adverse to us. Slide 9: Eight Virtues To Adopt The fear of sins. A sense of shame A pleasant and serene temperament Popularity. Slide 10: Farsightedness Acting according to our abilities and limitations. Acquiring a special and appropriate knowledge Appreciating the virtues. Slide 11: The Eight Endeavors: Gratitude Benevolence Kindness Associating with virtuous people Listening to spiritual discourses Slide 12: Listening to spiritual discourses Conforming to well-known traditions and practices: Adoring the virtuous. A path for a successful and meaning full life : A path for a successful and meaning full life Virtuous action with conviction, dedication and faith Build virtuous action from childhood Train our minds for good thoughts but also avoidance of bad thoughts. I need to be replaced by we Humility follows repentance Appreciation and respect all --- Dravya Arihanta Slide 14: Purity of thoughts and inner reflection Tolerance and acceptance Perception and Reality Forgiveness Slide 15: Mind is like------- -------Monkey -------Water -------Electricity Mind------ -------What gender? -------Sense? Slide 16: Mind ---aspects of intellect, and consciousness, combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will. Mind is the stream of consciousness. The brain's conscious processes. "Mind" refers to the thought processes of reason. Slide 17: Jumping , Energetic, Mimicking Story of a hat No shape, no color, flow in any direction, to have a better flow, it needs a bank What banks we have? Energy either destructive or constructive. Slide 18: Purity of personal life is the one indispensable condition for building up a sound education. Mohandas Gandhi Slide 19: Forgiveness, Anger, Sensuality, Active Mind, Death, Pride, Relaxation/Mediation, Body, Vibrations, Greed, Money, Balance, Travel Food, Drinks, Personal Care, Eating, Nutrition Family/Friends, Raising Children, Entertainment, Animal Compassion, Profession/work, Social Service, Other Living Things, Environment Multi-Views (Anekantvad), Knowledge, Faith/Religion, Tradition/CelebrationPrayers My Mind-Body My Things My Life/World My Consumption My Spirit My Consumption and Pleasure : My Consumption and Pleasure Food Possession Business, job Sensual Pleasure Restraints and avoidance Charity Lawful earning Sanyam Slide 21: Rituals, traditions, celebration ------Vyavhar Meditation, Pratikraman ------Nischay Journey for Destination Slide 22: Artha-danda Anartha-danda Slide 23: Artha- ---Profit, benefit, motive, aim, object, necessary reason, purpose Anartha---- Without all of the above Danda-------Evil or bad effects Purposeless evil inactivity due to idleness Purposeless evil activity due to negligence How it is related to Consumption restraints? Necessary vs unnecessary? Slide 24: Major lapses of Anarth-Danda Pariman Vrata Thinking of or talking evil of others Being inconsiderate while walking. Being careless in ordinary behavior. Meditating on evil, cruel, or mournful thoughts Engaging in meaningless talk, gossiping due to self conceit Being reluctant towards righteous or good deeds Manufacturing, selling, distributing and/or keeping weapons and devices that cause violence Hoarding things relating to worldly and sensory enjoyment. Slide 25: Happiness and Bliss Are the same? Slide 26: Happiness --Worldly --Physical --Dependent --Punya karma Bliss --Spiritual --Inner reflection --Independent --Nirjara related Slide 27: My Mind/Body Forgiveness Anger Passions/Sensuality Active Mind Death Pride Relaxation/Meditation Body Care Vibrations/karma Slide 28: The story of Five grain The story of 2 eggs Slide 29: 1st-------Only knows the five vows 2nd ------Follow five vows for worldly gain 3rd ------Follow, protect as innate nature 4th ------Follow, protect, Nurture, Spread Slide 30: Forgiveness My Mind/Body Slide 31: Forgiveness My Mind/Body Slide 32: Anger My Mind/Body Slide 33: Four gradations of Kashäyas Anantänu-bandhi Rock Apratyäkhyänävarni Pratyäkhyänävarani Sanjvalan Water Slide 34: Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. Buddha Man should forget his anger before he lies down to sleep. Mohandas Gandhi An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind. Mohandas Gandhi Slide 35: Death Preparation Sanlekhanä VrataThe end of life while in ultra pure meditation and emaciation of passion and body leading to emancipation Kashäya SanlekhanäSharira Sanlekhanä : Sanlekhanä VrataThe end of life while in ultra pure meditation and emaciation of passion and body leading to emancipation Kashäya SanlekhanäSharira Sanlekhanä Slide 37: My Things Greed Money Possessions Travel Slide 38: Greed My Things Slide 39: Level 1 Material Possessions My Things Slide 40: EH………… WHY NOT!?? Level 3 Material Possessions My Things Slide 41: Material Possessions My Things Slide 42: Is greed a type of violence? Slide 43: My Consumption Food Drink Personal Care Products Nutrition Eating Slide 44: Consumption of alcohol and mind altering substances: Does not allow us to follow five vows Does not allow us to have full control over four passions Leads to influx of Karma due to carelessness (Pramäda) Involves violence to more then one-sensed beings as it takes lot more than 48 hours of fermentation process In wine making, a clarifying agent, usually an animal byproduct is added to make wine clear by removing proteins from it Medical reasons Social reasons Slide 45: Alcohol stupefies the mind, one whose mind is stupefied forgets piety and the person who forgets piety commits, violence without hesitation ---Purushärtha-Siddhi Upäya Slide 46: American watches more than 28 hours per week In a 65-year life, that person will have spent 9 years An average child has seen about 8,000 murders on TV by the time he is ten years old, by age 18, over 200,000. Name the Shravak’s Vrata related to above. Slide 47: Personal Care Products My Consumption Slide 48: Name the Shravak’s Vrata related to above. Ecology, Environment and Religion. Slide 49: My Life / My World Family & Friends Entertainment Animal Compassion Profession/Work Social Service Other Living Things Environment Slide 50: Level 3 Profession/Work My Life / World Slide 51: Profession/ Work My Life / World Slide 52: My Spirituality Multiple views Knowledge Faith Traditions Environment Slide 53: Before Knowledge Same Person No interest In knowledge Knowledge My Spirituality Level 1 Level 1 Slide 54: Before Knowledge More Knowledgeable Person Social / Political/ Scientific X Spiritual/Scriptural Knowledge My Spirituality Level 3 Level 3 Slide 55: Before Knowledge Learning Scientific Level 5 (Purist) Spiritual/Scriptural Better Person As Scientific and Spiritual Knowledge Leads To Behavior Changes Knowledge My Spirituality Level 5 Slide 56: Knowledge My Spirituality Slide 57: Swädhyäy (Self-Study): • Vächanä To take lessons in the wording or the meaning of a text • Pruchchhanä: To make inquires to remove doubts or to confirm understanding. • Parävartanä To repeat correctly the wording of a text that has been learnt. • Anuprekshä To ponder mentally over the wording or the meaning of a text • Dharmopadesha To grasp the essence of a text that has been learnt and to preach things religiously. Slide 58: Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear. ------Mahatma Gandhi Slide 59: Traditions & Celebrations My Spirituality Slide 60: Traditions & Celebrations My Spirituality Conclusion : Conclusion This workshop in not about Preaching JAINISM, it’s about executing JAINISM in day to day life. There’s no standard mechanism to measure JAIN WAY OF LIFE. Categories and sub categories do overlap. Level 1 through 5 are subjective Use this template as starting point and device your own scale, measure your JWOL against it, work to improve the results JWOL is FUN, HEALTHY, SPIRITUAL !!!

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