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Published on March 29, 2013

Author: GeekNative



The final/draft 1 rules for Make-Believe Game's Succubus: The Reborn. These were given away for their Kickstarter.

A Game by MARK REiN•HAGEN 8-90 Players Age 13+ 30-120 (for every 10 minutes players you need game play a deck of (or play over Succubus Cards) a weekend as a side event) This game requires a Dealer: YOU To enthrall you must be a showman; enthusiastic, crafty and little bit impatient. You need one deck of Succubus playing cards for every ten players. OvERviEw This is a party game designed to turn a dull get-together into an exciting high-stakes game of social poker. This game requires a “Dealer” who is not a player and is familiar with the rules, which is you. The Dealer will read the rule script (text in purple) over the course of the game. The players are Vampires who are members of four great Syndics (teams) represented by the four card suits. The basic rule that the players need know is that the game is played by convincing, or coercing, other players to trade cards with them in order to get the best Poker hand. They need to work together as a team to succeed. Players may trick and lie, bribe and outwit the other players. Each card has hidden symbols, which are used in game play in a variety of ways. There are three acts; at the end of each act will be a Captains table, where the leaders of each team play a hand of poker. The Captain is the player from each team with the highest card of their suit. COMPONENTS g. Act One – Tradin ers. s with others play • 56 Succubus Cards – A deck of playing cards, Players trade card nges. each card inscribed with hidden symbols and Act Two – Challe a challenge other players into each face card picturing a Vampire Character. Players can force trade ip. Players can still • Succubus Chips – Poker chips in four colors/suits by giving them a Ch • Rules Pamphlet – what you are reading now with anyone. Play. • Player Reference Poster – How to play Act Three – Team can nge anyone, but • Poker Hand Poster – Ranking the poker hands Players can Challe n team. with their ow • Character Sheets – 16 total, 4 pages only trade cardsSuccubus: the Reborn & Party Poker RPG © 2013 Make Believe Games, All Right Reserved.

• GAME PHASES • • Prepare: Before the players arrive, organize your space: hand instead of the one offered. LET’S RUMBLE!” • Arrange the table you are going to use as the Captains Table, with five chairs. • ACT ONE: Now the first act begins, it should last no more • Find a bag or hat to hold the Succubus chips. than a minute per player. In this act players can only trade • Set out the Succubus Chips in four piles on the Captains cards with one another. There are no ironclad rules on how Table. they do this except both parties must be willing to trade, • Put up the Player Reference Poster in a prominent place. and each player must always have 5 cards. Trade cards can • Pick out some sort of fun or funny prize or trophy for be face up or face down, and players can try to slip in an- the winning Captain, and team, and place them on other card than the one that they promised. Once both the table. players have their new card in hand then the trade is final. • ORGANizE: After all the players have arrived get every- You may need to go around and gently encourage one’s attention and announce to them: “welcome to players to interact with one another. You should make Succubus Party Poker RPG. in this game you will be periodic announcements such as, “Only 3 minutes trading these playing cards with each other in left!” heighten the trading frenzy. order to get the best poker hand.” Your job is to keep things moving along. Once things “These Chips determine which team you are on.” seem to be slowing down, even a bit, announce the Now give each player one of the Succubus Chips, dis- Captains Table: “Time for Captains Table – the player tribute them as evenly as possible between the colors with the highest card in your suit is your Captain. if so each team is of nearly equal size. It is fun to have there is a tie, the best poker hand wins.” If no one each player draw a chip out of a hat or bag. Rearrange on a team has any cards from their own suit, tell them players and teams if necessary to get the right mix. than none of them can go to the Captains table.” “Now organize yourselves into Teams.” Once the “Captains, please sit down. Let’s play some Poker.” players have organized themselves based on their Now evenly distribute 1-3 Succubus Chips to each Chips, introduce each team: “in this corner we have Captain, if you have the chips, give each of them 3. The Beautiful: HEARTS. in this corner we have The “These Chips are yours, place one in the middle of Outlaws: CLUBS. in this corner we have The Forlorn: the table as the Ante. You can bet with your chips SPADES. in this corner we have The Elite: DiAMONDS.” or ones you beg or borrow from other players.” You can describe the character and theme of each team in more detail if you wish. “Captains please pick two cards from your hand to reveal, and slide them forward.” Once all the players Point out the Player Reference and Poker Hand posters that have done so, say, “Okay let’s see them. if you don’t you have put on the wall. Make it clear that you are the want to fold, you need to throw in another chip.” Dealer not a player and are available to adjudicate the rules. Have the player with the best go first, then go clockwise around the table. “Now reveal two more cards, and • DEAL: Now you deal out all the cards, 5 cards per player, again if you don’t want to fold you need to again bid keep the extras as “Dealer Cards”. Make sure you shuf- a chip.” After they have all done so, say, “Now reveal fle your deck(s) with all four Jokers included, you need your final card.” The Captain with the best hand (who one deck per ten players. did not fold) is the winner. In the event of a tie, the Cap- tains stand up, and another member of each tied team Next announce that: “For the next few minutes you will sits down, and the new Captains compare their hands. trade cards with other players. You can bribe, trick and lie but you can’t steal. Try to get the highest card of “Congratulations to the winner. Now everyone can your suit so you can join the prestigious Captain’s spend chips to trade cards with me. Everyone has Table. You must always have five cards in your hand. a max of five cards.” For the rest of the game players Jokers are not wild, but if you manage to trade one to can give you a Chip and one of their cards and get a another player, you can take a random card from their random card from your Dealer hand.Succubus: the Reborn & Party Poker RPG © 2013 Make Believe Games, All Right Reserved.

If you have enough chips left, give each player one or If a player has no chips let them Challenge you, if they even two extra. win, they get a chip, if you lose you trade cards. “Time for the second Captain’s table! Captains • ACT TwO: Once you finish the first Captain’s Table you please sit down.” – REPEAT CAPTAiNS TABLE. In move on to the Second Act, announce: “The Second the unlikely event you don’t have 4 Succubus Chips Act adds in Challenges, which are forced trades. You force players with 3 or more chips to spend them to trade can Challenge any player at any time but you must cards with you, or give to a teammate to do the same. give them a Chip. Both players choose a card to put at risk. You play ROCK, PAPER, SCiSSORS, BOMB • ACT THREE: Once the Captains table is over announce: “Now, we have the final Act you can challenge anyone, but may trade cards only with your teammates. But hurry, this is the shortest Act. Then we will have the final Captains table, where the Captain using the symbols on those two cards. The winner with the best Poker hand wins the game for his gets to decide whether or not to trade or not. Bomb team.” Give the players no more than 3 – 5 minutes, to beats Rock and paper. Scissors beats Bomb. High complete this last act – make sure it’s a mad dash to card breaks ties. You can still trade cards like you did victory. in Act One.” A player can attempt to beg or bribe some- one not to challenge them, but once a player has been Now you organize the Final Captain’s table, “Captains offered a chip the challenge must be taken. please sit down.” each Captain simply presents their hand one by one. The Captain with the best hand “if both players play bomb they have to immediately wins, if it’s a tie the Captains stand up and another shuffle their hands together and draw a random hand player from each tied team chosen by the Captain sits of 5 cards. if you win a challenge using a Joker Card down, becomes a new Captain and compares hands. you may pick a random card from the other players Give some sort of booty prize or trophy to the winning hand rather than the card they put at risk. if you need Captain, and give all the members of the winning a chip come challenge me!” Now give the players Captain’s Syndic a treat such as candy or a shot. Take around 1-2 minutes per player to do challenges. You will a photo and then take your trophy back, unless you be very busy explaining rules, adjudicating challenges selected a trophy that you are comfortable with and trading dealer cards and doing dealer challenges. letting them keep. • CORE RULES • • CHALLENGE: Play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bomb using the card you are putting at risk, the other player will do the same. Scissors beat Bomb, Bomb beats everything else. If there is a tie, high J card wins, if it is still a tie the challenge is a draw and over. R • H R • • THE BiG BANG: If both players play BOMB, then they must H shuffle their two hands together and deal them back out to 8 each other randomly back. H • DEALER CHALLENGE: If a player has no chips they can J Challenge the dealer. If they win, the Dealer will give them a 8 3 chip, if they lose, they must trade the risk cards. 3 • DEALER TRADE: If you want a random card from the Dealer, you must give them a card and pay them a Chip. Dealer 9 quickly shuffles their card and trades the player one. SPADE • JOKER TRADE: If you manage to trade a Joker with another FLASH 9 player (by switching out cards at the last minute) or you play a Joker in a Challenge and win, then you may choose to pick a card at random from their hand rather than accepting the card that they traded or risked.Succubus: the Reborn & Party Poker RPG © 2013 Make Believe Games, All Right Reserved.

• ADvANCED RULES • • CHARACTER SHEET: Give each player one of the 16 Character • SHADOw SYMBOLS: If a player can make a shadow circle (they have Sheets. This tells them their Team power as their Character power. This 4 Shadow symbols of the same type) they can “mug the dealer”... and will add a new dimension to your game, but is better examine 5 Dealers cards and pick and trade for any one reserved for experienced players. of them. They must give the Dealer one of their Shadow • FiNDiNG YOURSELF: If a player acquires the card Circle cards in return. pictured on the front of their Character Sheet, they can • BEGGARS CHALLENGE: If players are hoarding chips demand the other player use a card of their own suit, if (for instance one team has more than 8 chips) or you, as that player has it, in the Challenge. In order to use this the Dealer, has no chips, institute the beggars challenge. power they must reveal this card and their Character Sheet. Players can force a challenge with another player who • QUESTS: Tear a photo or picture from a magazine into has 3 or more chips. If they win they get a chip, if the other four pieces. At the end of a Captain’s table show the player wins they can take any card from the challengers players one of the four pieces, and explain that the first hand. player to collect the other 3 pieces and bring them to you • SOCiAL CHALLENGE: You may wish to allow players gets to examine 5 Dealer cards and can pick and trade for to engage in short social challenges that they both agree any one of them. Tell them all of the pieces are fully visible, too, such as a duel of wits, riddles, jokes, puns, acting, they don’t have to move anything. bravado, or bets. Generally, a neutral player is appointed the judge and • FLASH CARD: Players must display the highest card they have of decides the winner. Winner gets to pick a random card from the other their teams suit when asked. players hand and decide whether or not to trade for that card. • LivE ACTiON RPG • R While Poker Party is not what you would call a “serious Live Ac- tion” roleplaying game, it would not require much in order to use TEAM POwERS: Give each player one of the 16 Character Sheets. This tells them their Team power as their Character power. This will add a new dimension to your game, but is better reserved for experienced players. it in a LARP. Dealers can make use of these cards in a Live Action setting adding depth and complexity to a scenario. They can add • THE OUTLAwS – BOMB – The Bas-Bazok win all ties between two further spice things up by writing plot points on various cards, Bombs, no need to shuffle unless one or both of you played a face card. “Secret Letter” or “Blood of an ancient” and tell various players • THE ELiTE – PAPER – The Marquisi win all ties between two Paper. that it is vital for them to locate and obtain that particular card. • THE FORLORN – ROCK – The Profugos win all ties between two Rocks. These cards can also be used as a recruiting technique, you invite • THE BEAUTiFUL – SCiSSORS – The Copeadora win all ties between people over for a casual party game and if they enjoy it you can two Scissors invite them to create a full Vampire character for a Mind’s Eye Theatre LARP game (a series of games also created by this designer). CHARACTER POwERS: To use a Character power a player must pos- Find out more at: sess a card from their own Suit, and need to give the target one of their Team Chips (a Chip in the Teams color). This is the kind of game that will inevitably inspire a number • PSYCHO – If you do a Challenge using one your Team’s Chips you of variants. we encourage players and dealers to be creative both must play with a random card picked sight unseen by your and invent and experiment with their own rules. Also you can opponent. create whole new card games that can be played with these • MASTERMiND – If you give one of your Team’s Chip to a player they unique playing cards. You can post your ideas on our website: must show you all five of their cards. “Here is a chip, show me your cards.” • ANCiENT – Give one of your Team’s Chip to a player who has just won a Challenge against you in order to replay it, you both must use God kills without restraint or regret, and so do we. a different card. When I leave this endless night and blighted earth • BODYGUARD – After another player has been Challenge, you give Then at last shall I know the same bloody kiss granted you now, the challenger one of your Team’s Chip and step-in and do the I love all of it, I love nothing. Challenge for defender. R • SUiTS OF THE SUCCUBi • DiAMONDS – Marquisi – The Elite – Diamonds CLUBS – Bas-Bazouk – The Outlaws – Clubs are represent the Marquisi, the Paramount ones. emblematic of the Bas-Bazouk, the savage ones. HEARTS – Copeadora – The Beautiful – Hearts are SPADES – Profugos – The Forlorn – Spades are the symbol of the Copeadora, the arrogant ones. the sigil of the Profugos, the forgotten ones.Succubus: the Reborn & Party Poker RPG © 2013 Make Believe Games, All Right Reserved.

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