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Published on March 15, 2010

Author: Kovi


Succession Planning "Grow your own" : Succession Planning "Grow your own" WHAT ????! : WHAT ????! Slide 3: “Systematic process for defining and finding future management needs” “Process of developing talent to meet the needs of the organization now & in the future” “Flexible, long-term, developmental view of future management staffing” WHY ????! : WHY ????! Slide 5: "imagine that you get into bus crush", what with happen with your company? Slide 6: Demand vs Supply - “War for Talents” - “Need for Speed” - “Economical crisis, need to find faster & easier” - “Hiring external candidates is slow, time consuming & costly” -“You may not find the right skill” "the way we do things here" HOW????! : HOW????! Slide 8: Review your members! Develop your candidates! Empower your talent! Identify the characteristics of your position, before selecting who will take it. Evaluate your members who might be capable of fulfilling your role after becoming candidates for the position Train & develop your Talent pool, prepare people to lead the positions Empower Talents to apply for role & promote opportunity 2 3 4 Identify your position! 1 Slide 9: 1 Identify your position! Tools Talent Plan (how many & what kind of ppl) EB selection guide 09-10 “My super JD campaign” Steps Create an Organizational Chart * Outline Job Descriptions Outline Skills and Competencies Slide 10: Review your members! Tools Talent Plan (Pipeline Page) “Talent Grid” Steps Constantly Review & Assess your current membership (make sure you operate adequate data) Identify your “Talent Pool” (based on both capabilities & performance) 2 Slide 11: AIESEC “Talent Grid” Slide 12: 3 Develop your candidates! Involve them into your strategic initiatives Send person for short exchange/CEED Organize Development Centers Involve externals Invest into Middle management teams Develop your Functional teams Slide 13: 4 Empower your Talent! Sessions/penal discussions on LCCs - what we are doing - how is our team XP - one day in BE team Update of results on each LCM "Lets play in BE" reality show Motivational stories from previous EBs Alumni talks Personal approach Mentorship/coaching What works in YOUR LC? : What works in YOUR LC? Best regards, Iryna Koval

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