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Published on August 15, 2009

Author: nashalini


Parenting from the Heart : Parenting from the Heart Parenting is Gardening : Parenting is Gardening The Universe blossoms in the face of a child. By bringing out the best in your child, you bring out the best in the Universe. Parenting is Trust : Parenting is Trust The biggest trust is being entrusted with a life. The biggest responsibility is to live that trust throughout your life. Parenting is a Labor of Love : Parenting is a Labor of Love The sleepless nights, the career sacrifices, the postponing of so many of your own activities. The prize of parenting comes at a price. Parenting is Protecting : Parenting is Protecting From fire and sharp objects. From unkind eyes. From negative thoughts and cruel criticisms. From getting into deep waters. From getting into a shallow life. Parenting is Correcting : Parenting is Correcting Gently and with love.Understanding the intent of the child before rushing to punish pay. Parenting is Smiling : Parenting is Smiling And laughing. And making faces. Singing together. Giving and receiving hugs. Holding the child’s hand in silence for a few moments before asking “What is wrong, dear?” plans. Parenting is Forgiving : Parenting is Forgiving Again and again. Month after month. Year after year. And yet, never failing to correct and connect. Parenting is Friendship : Parenting is Friendship Of a lifetime. Without expecting returns of favor. With genuine sharing and caring. With friendship bands. And heartfelt bonds. Parenting is Being a Child : Parenting is Being a Child So that you can see the world from their eyes. Feel their tears, live their smiles, and understand their dreams. Parenting is Enjoying : Parenting is Enjoying Their peculiar tantrums. Tucking them in the blanket in the middle of the night. Their helping hand with heavy luggage. And with some of life’s burdens. Parenting is Letting Go : Parenting is Letting Go Opening the gates when the time has come. Showing them the way.Being able to say “Goodbye! Wherever you go, you will always be in my heart.” Slide 13: Happy Parenting!! For hourly thoughts on various subjects, visit us at:

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