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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: GreynGreen



Successful Entrepreneurs of the Rodinhoods Community

Presenting Rodinhoodnis (women entrepreneurs of who have borne with the harsh realities that come with the territory of being an entrepreneur, who have handled failures and tasted success and are definitely the ones to draw inspiration from. A glimpse into their journeys… Rodinhoodnis who have Shaped Successful Ventures!!

Different Faces of Success!!!

All about branding and communication via digital and print medium Anamika Joshi

 ‘a thinking hub’ – creative advertising agency  Offer Branding & Communication services via digital and print medium Biting your nails over how to grow your brand ??? Get it manicured at nailbites…

In the words of her co-founder, Tarun Jangid, she is "A self made lady, who knows how to make best of opportunities. She grabs them and gets the team work on it enthusiastically. Never revealing the restlessness of taking vital decisions of nailbites, she always portrays a pleasant front. As a chai lover who loves to be herself at work place, I find Dependability as the biggest virtue of Anamika." “ I love to implement ideas that would make brands achieve real objectives.” “The very idea to do something different is how I stepped in, cliché as I may sound!” How it all Began…

The journey of 4 years… From a copywriter to the Creative Head Nov Oct’10Jan’10 May’11 Jan’14 Feb’14Apr‘13Aug‘12 Started nailbites with just One client to work for Went broke. Had no real clients. Got few clients for whom we did anything and everything @ a very low price. Still just Two people strong. Got freelancers working for us. Bagged the biggest project of in- house branding for Dr. Devi Shetty Hospital, Jaipur – Narayana Hrudayalaya. Team of 10. 40 Clients. Added Video production to service offerings. Came out with First nailbites Team Video! As Creative Head, has been spearheading major operations of the agency along with Mr. Tarun Jangid. 1100 sq ft office space. 5 member team. About 15 clients – big and small!

Building Nailbites an opportunistic place to work and grow. It requires everyday learning and implementation and she is at it always… The most apparent fear - to get real talent on board to keep up the good work Overcoming her Fears….

Sudeepta Sanyal Travel is more about the experience than the destination!!

What is a vacation without some indulgence, some uniqueness and loads of wonderful memories??? Design travel plans around experiences. These experiences are a culmination of local sights, sounds, art, history an adventure. Passion turned into Business…

2010 Weekend trips + Fixed Departures 1700 customer s Few players in experiential travel Aug 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Sudeepta travels to lesser known places. Discovers treasure.. & her passion Blueberry Trails Launched Longer Getaways + Personalized trips 3 Destinations cover Ladakh centered around a Hemis Festival Horse safari in Aravali Hills across forts.. Experiential Travelling! 25 D E S T I N A T I O N S Top line revenue 85L Sport of bouldering in Hampi

These experiences keeps them apart from the rest... …You will experience all these

Fear of failing Fear of people not accepting the product Fear of people rejecting the concept right on my face Fear of starting a new project or launching a new destination Was what she started out with…. recommend travelling with Blueberry Trails to those who look for a slightly off beaten yet flexible itinerary, those who love to stay close to nature and experience local living, and to those who are looking for some fantastic like- minded travel company. Smita Bhattacharya Today, Sudeepta proudly says she has managed to work over them and works with the belief to make the best of what we have control over. She gives her complete 100% and is at it all the time… “The customers reaction is beyond our control , so we let the worrying go and concentrate on elements on which we have control.” Tanul Mishra Shipra Bhansali

What happens when two entrepreneurial women who share the same passions in eating, discovering, cooking and experimenting get together? -- They write the recipe for a successful food venture! An India focused food website built around content, community and commerce. A celebration of wonderful food and warm stories about food, cooking, flavors and experiences.

Content Commerce Community Our content is distinctly different from existing review and recipe websites and is built around discovering food through stories about people, communities and families. A curated marketplace for food that is not easily available in most cities. We are introducing artisanal & traditional products from across the country and creating themed boxes to enable customers to experience flavours, techniques and recipes from around India Our readers regularly contribute food stories and recipes with an emphasis on original content that goes beyond a standard recipe. Eatopia – Perfect Online Destination for Foodies!!

India’s diverse food culture and the varied food style available here was just the right medium to fuel their passion Starting with some initial trepidations about getting reliable vendors who would deliver quality, they sure have come a long way in meeting the right partners without any complaints right from logo designers and food vendors to box manufacturers. “Most food based websites are either pure recipe sites or restaurant review sites. Nobody was talking about recipes from real kitchens or the stories behind them or selling a variety of traditional Indian food geared towards a younger audience. We saw a gap.” “Eatopia was to bring food stories from peoples home to readers, to provide and bring the different food cultures found across India direct to consumers’ tables (through Eatopian Delights), thereby providing a platform for people making extraordinary food products to reach the customers far beyond their limited geography.”

The inspiration for starting up was to bring food stories from peoples’ home to readers A curated marketplace for hard to find, artisanal & traditional food products from across India.  Themed boxes to enable customers to experience flavors, techniques & recipes from around the country.  Food discovery through recipes from people's homes & stories about people, communities & families. Today…. And with a long journey ahead, they are there to stay for long…. An Eatopian Delights Box “From scratch, we've built a product that inspires exploration and encourages discovery.”

Who said you can’t laugh over failure? Fact of the matter is that you can’t use humor until you get over the fear of failure Kriti Vichare

Humorous look at finding success  Create comics about the laughs and lessons of entrepreneurship  Manages to ease an entrepreneur’s life with her wonderful comics Every time you find humor in a difficult situation, you win.. #Ideakube  Leads creativity and ideation workshops for small-to-medium-sized organizations #entrepreneurfail Her two passions

“Although I enjoyed my corporate job, I had many ideas tickling at the back of my mind. I thought it was now or never that I pursue them. I also felt I had many more ideas and much more to contribute than I was able to in a large company. I started consulting for many startups, and I got the itch!” B E G I N N E R ’s P H A S E Her success story is definitely a work in progress! “I made many mistakes along the way and continue to make more. But every day includes baby steps towards creating a self- sustaining, income-generating, challenging, interesting, impactful, game-changing business.” How I Started… T O D A Y

And this side it was…

“My biggest fear is not having anything to show after working on my own venture - it's scary to think that it all may be time wasted.” But a true entrepreneur that she is, she is fully sure that whatever is the outcome, she’ll undoubtedly learn something… those inconspicuous benefits!!

One of my personal favorites as we share the same mission– Empowering People to take Confident Financial Decisions Gurleen Kaur

HareePatti is into financial planning that works around taking individuals and corporate houses to the greener side of money.

The Start … In 2005, taking forward her father’s legacy; seeing the dire need of personal finance management, Gurleen set out to help people steer their hard earned money in directions that are advised based on their lifestyle, requirements and future plans.

From “I shall overcome” to “I have overcome” “The Biggest Fear was facing Clients as I was just a college graduate being made to sit on a business which was around 25 years old and not even a single Guiding Light.” “But as soon as I realized, it is only me who has to do it, I started thinking from my client’s perspective which made it easy for me to face them and then there was no looking back.”

The Journey till today… A journey of 9 years and 1000 clients in her kitty, Gurleen hopes to fade off your financial worries!

Rodinhoodni Perzen sure knows that the way to the heart is through the stomach!! Perzen Patel

“I started the blog documenting my journey into learning Parsi food as I discovered that there are few resources online for Parsis and others interested in Parsi cooking. ” Shed her ‘Continental Cook’ tag and dons the ‘Parsi chef’ hat now! The First Step…

The Business that Started out as a Blog Bawi Bride has the right mix of ingredients that defines it success– food enthusiast, loves cooking & Perzen is gifted in writing. After a month into her writing journey, she knew the experience wouldn’t be complete without a Bawi Bride Kitchen. Thus opened a new door…

The story of her 10 Months…  90+ catering orders  1L in revenue  Conducted successful cooking workshops  Dips & Desserts from her kitchen - becoming the town’s favorite  Recipes ranging from Breakfast Staples to Bawi Basics and Fish & Seafood to Leftover Makeover - Cooking food, sharing knowledge, earning money Hands full of work! Heart full of joy!!

Soumya Jain “Luxury is a serious business; not just a glamorous shindig”

 An online magazine which updates reader about luxurious indulgences and the means to get them.  Encourage industry discourse through columns by experts on how the industry can succeed better and what are the trends.

 She realized that there’s more to luxury than showing people drinking champagne in elegant surroundings all the time!  It's a passionate field, and its aspect of craftsmanship and heritage was not been portrayed in Indian media properly

a job in a media group which published print luxury magazines At a time when there was no online media on luxury, she came in with Luxury Facts starting out with her savings of Rs. 50k. Launched Luxury Facts “without a business plan, a future plan or a goal chart, I jumped into it.” considered a credible force in the Indian luxury industry. co-edited a book called ‘The Luxury Market in India: Maharajas to Masses’  quoted in quite a few media stories about the luxury industry, and people listen to what we say! Apart from India, expanding in the US luxury market TODAY…April’ 102008-09 A New Beginning…

The Proof of her work… “A perfectionist’s portal, LuxuryFacts is the virtual destination to luxury by excellence. Composed of a team that clearly understands luxury in its values, our association is one of like minded entities.” Matthieu Dupont, Regional Brand Manager – Middle East & India, A. Lange & Soehne “LuxuryFacts - the new rising star in 360 degree luxe reporting! Congratulations on completion of your first year. It’s a fascinating, crisp, short and sharp e-magazine for people with limited time, yet find it essential to be informed all the time. Well done - keep going Soumya” :) Abhay Gupta, CEO, Luxury Connect

Megha Deokule Wanting to take her passion in food to the next level is why Rodinhoodni Megha Deokule started i2cook

Creates organic retail products and supplies them to stores Supply bulk orders to cafes and restaurants Indulge in creating products for other brands “We realized that there was a market for organic products; which was not easily available in large stores. Since we strongly believe in the goodness of organic things, we decided to set up a store which would have unique organic products”

An ex-Architect to a Retail Food Store Owner… Not at all easy; but nevertheless well done! As she received great feedback from buyers. Who thought that her healthy products had taste as well, she knew it was time to move into retail. The perfect combination of a farmer’s market & an organic pop-up shop in Bangalore to start an organic retail store, Megha made the best use of these opportunities to test the waters.

The Successes despite the Roadblocks …  Government Regulations!!! Uff! The food business is a costly affair…running between government offices while also concentrating on getting the business running requires a great deal of patience and perseverance!  The government makes business challenging to start even for a small-scale entrepreneur in the food business. Besides, the government has no norms or acknowledging ‘organic products’ as being a separate category!  A license to create food, a Tax certificate to sell food, a registration to work on organic food, a tax invoice and an accountant to keep tab on all the above and pay him to pay the government on time!

i2cook started from a food blog Selling homemade products at markets Setting up an organic processing unit A retail site currently retail products in 50 stores across Mumbai + Bangalore Also source unique products from India & abroad And there was no looking back again…

Sunaina Shenoy Co-Founder, FINQA

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