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Published on August 31, 2013

Author: lionnagaraju



a presentation to help lions club presidents attempt a mid-term review of their goals and recharge for the rest of the year.

Club Presidentsm n RAJU

 What does success mean to you?  Recall one ‘I-have-done- it’ situation (since you became president) when you felt successful. Share it with your partner.

mnRAJU Success is living up to YOUR POTENTIAL. What is Success?

 Why am I here?  What are my goals?  How far have I reached?  Am I on course?

 Can my dreams be BIGGER?Can my dreams be BIGGER?  Are my goals SMART?Are my goals SMART?  Is my Action Plan working?Is my Action Plan working? mnRAJU Have you Dreamt Big? 2013-2014 YOUR YEAR

mnRAJU Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic Time bound Are your Goals SMART? Goals are the seeds of success.

mnRAJU Sample Goal Statements • Service – Organize a dental screening camp for school children by March 31, 2014 • Communication - Create and distribute press releases for three club events by May 1 of this year • Membership - Recruit five new members by April 15, 2014 • Leadership - Train new club officers before they take office • Club development - Have an agenda at every meeting this year

mnRAJU What is an Action Plan? • What do I want to achieve as Club President? • How will I achieve them? • What sequence of activities do I have to perform to achieve my goals?

mnRAJU Action Plan • WHY? Community need • WHAT? Goal • HOW? Action steps • WHEN? Deadline for completion • WHO? Person responsible for action • HOW WILL YOU KNOW? that the step/goal has been achieved

mnRAJU Sample Action Plan What? (action steps) Who? (person responsible) Resources? (what is needed) When? (what is the deadline) Results? (how do we know it’s complete) Add 5 new members Collect 500 units of blood All Club Members & Membership Committee Committer Chairperson s and Club members Brochures and posters to hand out Pamphlets & Support of Blood Bank and Institution s March 15, 2014 February 28, 2014 When 5 people turn in an application When 500 units are collected Losers make excuses. Winners make explanations.

List five things that you will claim as your successes in your valedictory address at the end of your term.

mnRAJU How does my success help me & my club? ?

mnRAJU Six Point Success Formula  Know your dreams  Plan your course of action  Believe in your potential  Give to Receive  Enjoy  Celebrate


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