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Published on January 19, 2014

Author: kirankumarvarri



A Compact presentation that highlights the basic ingredients of Success. Can be used as a sharing, a base presentation to initiative discussion on the importance of each of the ingredients. Suggestions to improve it are welcome.

Success = Time + Effort + Consistency - Kiran varri Note : I am an amateur writer. Effort has been made to articulate the thoughts into words. If changes can make it a better resource, welcome !! Credit will be given to contributors !! Thank you. Hope you find it useful !!

Time  Time forms the most basic ingredient; yet very important one too…do not underplay it !!  How much time are you investing in it? Measure it !! (we often do not measure it in the 1st place)  If an activity takes X hrs to get done, give it that time…no less will do…  At the table, It alone may not do wonders; but, without it, nothing can be done !!  So, give each task “Adequate Time” !!

Effort  It’s about doing what needs to be done; wholeheartedly !!  Next, where the “Wholehearted Effort” stands on the scale of Benchmarking matters !!  The Higher(Up there) you are on the Benchmark scale, the more valuable you are…  In short, It’s the Quality of the Effort Stupid !! Give your Best !! The best it ever got !!

Consistency  This is where Good Brands become “#Great Brands” : You too are a Brand !!  Great Brands are respected, valued.  Various Management philosophies like #TQM, #SPC, #Six Sigma are formal methods used to maintain the consistency; from you and every other !!  Consistency is what set’s you apart from your competition.  Consistency helps a King; remain a #King

Innovation  This is where Good Brands become “#Forever Brands”  If there is something that happens forever, it’s #Change  So many things can change :Customer taste/ business need/ regulatory need/ societal need…  Keep your ears close to the customer; the Voice of Customer (VOC); it’s a MUST !!  Let your Innovation Model; whatever model you use, stay glued to VOC The Innovation Model that delivers to the VOC First, takes the cake !! Period !!! Note : Thanks to the clipart creators featured on this presentation. They have been featured to enhance the connect with the text.

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