Substantial Merits of Owning School-Branded Apps (4)

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Information about Substantial Merits of Owning School-Branded Apps (4)

Published on October 23, 2020

Author: eloitofficial


slide 1: Substantial Merits of Owning School-Branded Apps slide 2: INTRODUCTION slide 3: It is always a matter of pride and vanity for the school authorities to own mobile applications exclusively branded in the name of the school slide 4: Eloit offers a series of mobile applications for school management such as Edisapp e360 for the principles and decision-makers of the school Faculty App for the teachers and Parent App for parents of the students. Respective school authorities can customise the apps according to their whims and likes. With Eloit you can own a unique distinctive school app highly customised under your school brand. slide 5: Here are some of the substantial merits you gain by developing a branded school app: slide 6: School Logo Name appears as the App Icon Name Think of the proud moment in which Principal announces the happy news of launching exclusive mobile apps under the school name. The next thing we know would-be how all the teachers staff parents and students go rushing into the google play store to find an app with the school logo and school name. Even the installed application appears on mobile screens and tablets under the school brand. slide 7: Customised Outlook of the Mobile Applications From our array of predesigned templates school officials can select one and customise the template again by adding new options icons etc. along with the removal of some. Schools can also come up with a specific colour scheme for the entire school app that perfectly aligns with the school vision. slide 8: Personalised Contents Schools can choose preferred contents to display in the application. They can add short descriptions and captions about us page school mission vision relevant instructions for the use of applications etc. Schools can also provide links to important pages of the website as a menu for easy navigation purposes. slide 9: Push Notifications Under the Name of School With the help of Edisapp mobile applications school authorities can send announcements notices and reminders to the teachers and parents. The notifications sent through the app gets accepted as pieces of authentic and authoritative information received from the school end. slide 10: CONCLUSION slide 11: With every educational Institution getting their very own mobile app under the school logo school name and a preferred colouration theme for the app Eloit is fulfilling a digital dream of the school authorities by facilitating all managements through school ERP software. slide 12: THANK YOU

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