Subordinating Conjunctions In German

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Information about Subordinating Conjunctions In German

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: luismartin2499


With subordinating conjunctions, there are several rules that have to be followed: 1.The conjunction comes first. 1.The verb comes last. 1.A comma must separate the clauses. (This is why they are ‘subordinating’!)

Examples : 1. „Ich weiß nicht, wann er heute ankommt.” (I don't know when he arrives today.) 2. „Als sie hinausging, bemerkte sie sofort die glühende Hitze.” (When she went out, she immediately noticed the intense heat.) 3. „Es gibt eine Umleitung, weil die Straße repariert wird.” (There's a detour because the road is being repaired.)

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