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Information about Subluxation
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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: LiebeWickstrom



Brief introduction to subluxation and what chiropractors are looking for when they perform an exam.

SUBLUXATION How Abnormal position of the spine and SUBLUXATION (misalignment) can affect your health.

SUBLUXATION: 1. A misaligned bone which causes compression, tension, irritation and damage to the Central Nervous System (CNS). The CNS controls ALL function and healing in the human body. 2. Causes interference to the CNS. 3. Causes the organs and muscles of the body to malfunction and heal poorly due to the interference it creates in the CNS.

Central Nervous System: The MASTER System • What’s the most important organ in your body? – Central Nervous System • Which controls EVERYTHING!

How did this happen? • Subluxations are caused by a lifetime of stress and trauma. – Slips, falls, auto accidents, sports injuries, poor posture, bad sleeping habits, stress at work, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, toxins, or even childhood mishaps and the birth process itself can cause the spinal cord to move out of its normal position.

“Subluxation is very real. We have documented it to the extent that no one can dispute its existence. Vertebral subluxations change the entire health of the body by causing structural dysfunction of the spine and nerve interference. The weight of a dime on a spinal nerve will reduce nerve transmission by as much as 60%.” Chang Ha Suh, PhD Spinal Biomechanics Expert University of Colorado

Why didn’t my M.D. tell me about this? • M.D.’s seek to treat a specific symptom(s) and not the body as a whole. • They are focused on specific symptoms of a specific disease and try to eliminate those symptoms through outside means (like drugs/surgery). • We take into account the entire body as a whole and not one specific symptom.

Symptoms the Great Deceivers • Symptoms are the body’s warning signals that something has been malfunctioning for some time and has needed attention. In most cases, subluxation is present without symptom or warning. Usually, subluxation has existed for many years by the time a symptom arrives. • The purpose of a chiropractic evaluation at I Heart My Spine is to find if subluxation is interfering with your Central Nervous System causing malfunction. • If we find subluxation on your posture analysis, exam, and/or x-ray studies, WE CAN HELP YOU!

Call to a Cause • Our mission is to transform the standard of sick care in Greenville to.. • If you want to be a part of this mission, then make sure to get adjusted & Don’t forget to like our Facebook to get daily updates and information on how to live and enjoy life optimally and not just in the absence of symptoms!

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