Stylosanthes Spp

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Information about Stylosanthes Spp

Published on August 22, 2008

Author: pasturasdeamerica



Grasses and Legumes.
Perspectives for Tropical Zones.

Stylosanthes Spp
- History
- Agronomic performance
- Future perspectives

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Stylosanthes is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae and contains numerous highly important pasture and forage species. It was ...
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Taxonomy & nomenclature Stylosanthes spp. information from USDA/ARS/GRIN USDA/ARS/GRIN provides taxonomic (and other) information about Stylosanthes spp..
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Stylosanthes macrocephala. Scientific name: ... it appears resistant to stem borer (Caloptilia sp.) that is so damaging to other Stylosanthes spp. ...
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STYLOSANTHES BIFLORA (Linnaeus) Britton et al., Prelim. Cat. 118. 1888. Basionym: Trifolium biflorum Linnaeus 1753. Type: Without data, Kalm s.n ...
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Stylosanthes spp. are pasture legumes grown in tropical and subtropical areas in South-east Asia, Africa, South America and Australia (Burt et al. 1983).
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Like all the Stylosanthes spp., 'Verano' appears remarkably tolerant of a wide range of herbicides. For seed production, Trifluralin (40 ...
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Genotypic evaluation of accessions and individual selection in Stylosanthes spp. by simulated BLUP method Gado de Corte (Brazilian Agricultural Research
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