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Information about Stylists

Published on May 24, 2018

Author: ronak16595


slide 1: Stylists Behind every successful shoot is a hardworking stylist. When we think about the job of a stylist the first thing that comes to our minds is ‘selecting clothes’. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg and even picking out clothes isn’t as easy as it may sound. The stylist is supposed to work on a collaboration with the photographer and bring out the perfect mood for the shoot. There are a variety of types of projects that a stylist works on editorial shoots commercial/ad campaigns fashion shows events personal styling to name a few. They all have their own specific requirements and the stylists make sure these are fulfilled to bring out the essential story in the shoot. Bringing out the perfect story from the photo shoot requires a variety of tasks that the stylist takes care of. In this article we will see some of the various tasks and duties of a stylist and how they operate. Advise slide 2: The stylist gets a bird’s eye view of all the factors that matter for a photoshoot. These include the locations the lights the props the makeup and of course the attire. The art director prepares the setting for a shoot. However if there’s something missing it’s the responsibility of the stylist to make sure the setting gets up to the mark. Bringing out the right pictures also depends largely on how the model is posing. Getting out the right pictures from the model is also a task that the stylist would have to look after. Whichever team needs to make changes is asked to by the stylist. Source The clothes are going to be the essential aspect of the shoot. The stylist will visit different brands of designer houses and source the appropriate pieces of clothing that will go with the theme of the shoot. But that’s not it. There’s a set of other jobs too that are included here. You may have to negotiate with the brands stick with the budgets and manage to make the most of what you have. No matter what is the deal having the perfect set of clothing is of utmost importance. Making the choice can be tricky. Every shoot will demand a fresh new style. Keeping up with that demand can be a challenge. The stylist may also go shopping with the clients and work in collaboration to create the perfect feel. Select slide 3: Selecting and finalizing a brand is just the first step. What comes next is the actual task of ‘picking out the clothes’. Every shoot has a different mood a fresh setting and a new concept.The stylist’s creativity and imagination along with her experience come into picture here. What is the kind of clothes that you imagine Is it going be something floral for a warm spring theme of something grey and black for the winter The stylist gets to make this call.Sounds fun right But it’s also a challenge because everything needs to come together here. Your setting needs to go with the theme the lights need to go with the setting the props need to go well with the theme and the clothes They need to go well with everything.You miss something out and the shoot wouldn’t turn out how you expected it to be. But you manage to bring everything together and it will be a beautiful creation that will go up in magazines newspapers and the social media. Connect Everyone is looking at the shoot through their own keyhole and brainstorming for ideas. However the stylist must connect with all these people and make sure the feasible ideas come to life. Before the photographer takes the perfect shot the stylist will have collaborated with all teams and made sure their ideas are portrayed in the final setting.For example after the clothes are selected the stylist might want to make little alterations in the design. She will have to collaborate with the designer and get that slide 4: done. Same would be the case with managing the light props and other arrangements.Talking and networking with all the concerned people is an important job that the stylist needs to ace to get the photoshoot going. Keep Up Staying up to date is the most crucial task for a stylist. An outdated sense of fashion will not help to create the kind of a photo shoot that is expected. Especially if the reach for the shoot is going to wide. You will have to work with the trending styles in fashion. You can keep updating you sense by reading creative blogs and exploring the latest collections. Search

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