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Published on January 23, 2008

Author: Vilfrid


Syntax and Lexis of Newspapers:  Syntax and Lexis of Newspapers Overview Quality v Popular press main differences text/graphics register content Syntax of headlines specialised lexis Headlines intertextual knowledge “preconstructed word strings” Quality v Popular press:  Quality v Popular press Guardian Indepedent Telegraph Times Daily Express Daily Mail Daily Mirror Star Sun Today + Sunday papers Slide3:  Broadsheet hard news institutional Tabloid soft news personal Approach to stories ...:  Approach to stories ... Ministers urged to compel jobless to work for benefits Independent 29.4.91 Child benefit tops Labour promises to aid families Daily Telegraph 24.4.91 Poverty trap for lone mothers Guardian 7.5.91 JOBLESS PAUL IN SUICIDE HORROR Daily Mirror 30.04.91 IT’S YOUR LIFE OR YOUR HOME Daily Mirror 3.5.91 SCHOOL BANISHES BOY TOO POOR TO PAY FOR UNIFORM Daily Express 3.5.91 JAIL FOR LOVING MOTHER WHO TURNED TO ROBBERY Daily Express 27.04.91 Functions of newspaper headline:  Functions of newspaper headline Attract reader’s attention summarize content of article indicate writer’s attitude to the story indicate register of the article indicate focus of the article Language of headlines:  Language of headlines Rhetorical devices Metaphor - metonymy: No. 10 on alert alliteration: A Crunchy Collection of Colchester rhyme: Chopper Whopper zeugma: a word modifies/governs two or more words although appropriate to only one of them or making diferent sense with each: Mr Pickwick took his hat and his leave Puns: playing with words:  Puns: playing with words Homonymy: same form different meanings TV CHIEFS GRILL CHEF BARE LEGGED MUSLIM GIRL RUNS INTO TROUBLE Homophone: same sound different meanings TYSON BEATEN BY THE BELLE TOLLED YOU SO “When Lord Birt reports to the government on the transport crisis, he will advocate road tolls. Theidea makes the government nervous” Economist 27.05.02 Intertextual cues:  Intertextual cues Collocational punning Thieves drive up car costs spongers soak up corporate hospitality Prayer book burning kindles feminist ire New-car taxcut has manifold advantages The City helps Russia get out of the red Angry words, hesitant deeds Intertextual cues:  Intertextual cues Encyclopeidic knowledge bible shakespeare Book titles: Brave New World A Tale of 2 Bellies Economist Films: TESCO STORE WARS TV programmes Sayings

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