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Information about Style of aap politics – is it really helpful

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: saurav_mic



AAP is trying to make fool for aam aadmi , Style of Today's AAP Politics – Is It Really Helpful .for India or No

Mudda of the Day Presented By – Saurav Kishor

• If India Needs Narendra Modi then India also Needs Arvind Kejriwal .

Introduction • India is a world’s largest democratic country and every stage of Government has a perfect political democratic setup. • India is going through one of its worst ever national crisis, due to a combination of Crisis of Political Leadership, Crisis of Economics, Crisis of Governance, Crisis of Voluminous Corruption, and more. • Today as country we don’t have required a politician but we required a good administrator who can represent our country • Today in Indian politics the Hope is only one Mr .Narendra Modiji because of his good governance and development in the state of Gujarat. He has vision, hard work, determination, proven skills of developments, which makes him the one and only leader with quality leadership to represent India

The Truth of AAM Admi Party • Democracy is the buzz word for our political system. But is it really so? • The joker in the political pack Kejriwal has named his party Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). • I think the party would have been more appropriately named PAAP (Perverted Aam Aadmi Party maybe).

One slogan really suits for Kejriwal • Give Me Some Chanda...Give me Some Fame...Give Me Another Chance...I Wanna Fool u Once Again

Some Questions for AAP supporters *Lists are long but some few examples ………….??????? After a media report quoted AAP leader Shazia Ilimi saying that the global corruption watch Transparency International (TI) study found lower corruption levels in Delhi under AAP, Transparency International has issued a statement saying that no such study was conducted and that Shazia's claims were factually incorrect. What a Lie? • Why AAP Party is soft on terrorism? • Why AAP party member wants to give Kashmir to Pakistan? • Why Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and Genaral VK Singh and other AAP party members left Kejriwal alone? • Why Kejriwal blames Modi & RSS for Muzzaffarnagar Riots without any proof? • what is the stand of AAP in Batla house terrorist? why prashant bhushan wants to give Kashmir to Pakistan?

Reality of AAP Party • AAP went on Dharna for saving his law minister but never went on dharna for Nido's death and rapes which happned recently in Delhi. These issues were much more important. • AAP said & accepted, they are not ready for 2014 polls but public wants. This will hurt country like hell. This is funny, if public says, destroy the country, AAP will do that ? • If AAP had intention to remove corruption, then istead of quitting could have stayed and punished with many other ways available. As there are many laws to punish. Or he could have gone as per process for lokpal bill as still other parties saying we support bill if Arvind goes legal way. • AK & AAP said that Mr. Modi never spoke about rising price of LPG. But if you check Gujrat GOVT had opposed centre gas price rise around 5 to 6 months back • AAP said we did not quit for 2014 national pools which purely a political stunt & well planned in advance by AAP, but immediately next day they announced candidates for 2014. What a lie ? • Fooling on 700 litres free water provision. "Delhi residents were tricked by word play. The manifesto mentioned that 700 litres of water will be given for free. But a clause was added that if someone uses more than 700 litres of water, that person will have to pay for the entire quantity of water. How does that make sense?

Did Paid Media will Tell you? • Congress and AAP can never be the same. Congress fooled illiterates... AAP fooling the educated ones !! • Earlier Kejriwal called the political leaders as corrupt , now he is calling the Govt employees, police etc as corrupt. The day is not far when he will call all the countrymen a corrupt. The fact is that he is the biggest corrupt coming with one or the other lies again & again. • BJP will be never against any anti-corruption law which is as per the constitution of India. But paid media & shoot & scoot political personnel always paint it differently. • Odessa Lokayukta bill Passed in Assembly on 14th feb and all MLA’s including BJP supported it.


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