Stunning Stun Guns for Personal Safety

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Published on February 17, 2014

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Using a stun gun is the best for your safety and is fairly simple. However, it is better to practice using it to be on the safer side. Always carry your stun gun with you. And, in the event that you use the stun gun on an attacker, press the trigger for about 3 to 5 seconds and run!

Stunning Stun Guns for Personal Safety The world is not as safe a place as we’d like to think it is. No matter where you are or where you go, the news is always filled with crime reports. Often, when we see such news, we think, “Oh thank God nothing like that happens near our place!” However, it is never a good idea to take things lightly. Heinous crimes such as rape, murders and burglaries happen everywhere, and the rate of crime is on the rise. Nobody is safe anywhere. Not even within the safe premises of your own home. Consider these questions –   What will you do if an armed burglar enters the house while you are there? What will you do if are confronted by a rapist in the late hours while returning home? Most people do know the answer to these questions. Yet, the answer is simple – Self Defense. There are a number of ways one can effectively defend oneself in times of trouble. The most effective way for stopping an attacker and defending yourself is to use a Stun Gun. What are Stun Guns Stun guns are non-lethal weapons that use an electric high voltage to immobilize an attacker. The stun gun essentially shocks the muscular and the nervous system of the attacker causing loss of control over muscular and mental state. The shock that the body receives will make the muscles work hard and fast but inefficiently. The blood glucose level drops instantly and the body will lose energy, causing disorientation and loss of balance. The attacker also might feel nausea or dizziness and may have loss over certain bodily functions like urination and defecation. These effects are however not permanent and the stun gun does not affect the vital organs of the body. Advantages Stun guns are legal in most of the US states. They are easily portable and can be designed to resemble common objects that are often found in purses or pockets. A cellphone stun gun, a stun pen or a Stun Gun Flashlight will give the user the advantage of catching the attacker unaware. Unlike pepper sprays which are effective only when sprayed on the eyes and the mouth, stun guns can be th used anywhere on the attackers body. When a stun gun is used on an attacker for about 1/4 of a second, the attacker will get startled and experience intense pain and muscle contractions. If exposed to the stun gun for one second, the attacker will drop down with muscle spasms, feeling dazed and confused for over 15 seconds. A five second charge exposure can leave the attacker feeling like he fell from the terrace of a building!

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