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Published on November 21, 2013

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periodic table chemistry

Number of PROTONS

From an element’s location in the periodic table, you can predict…  It’s chemical and physical properties.

The columns are called___ and tell us….  GROUPS/FAMILIES tell us what characteristics to expect      from other members of the group. Group I loves to explode when it touches water. This reaction gets stronger the further down the column you go. The groups also tell us…. The number of electrons in the outer shell. Go to the site above… read Go to the site below ….and play! mistry/The%20Periodic%20Table1.html

Atomic number tells you…. Atomic mass tells you…..  Atomic number= number or protons  Atomic mass= # of Protons + average # of neutrons  Here is a link that might help! able/

If I had to pick just one site to get prepared for the test……  This would be it! ml  It covers everything I can think of that will be on the test.

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