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Published on May 7, 2014

Author: ComptonLane



My personal new idea for a new app innovation. This app lets you find a study partner or "buddy" within a set distance range set by the user. It includes Buddy Search, Buddy Chat, Helpful Videos, Estimate Study Hours, and Study Tips.

S Study Buddy The app that will help you with all of your studying problems!

Problem It Will Solve S Study Buddy helps students in high school and college who need help studying a certain subject, but are unable to meet with a teacher or faculty member. S If you are having trouble finding the best personal study habits for yourself, Study Buddy has a section about top studying practices. It has another section to help estimate the amount of time to study per week also. Lane Compton, Study Buddy, May 7th Have you ever needed to study a subject, but didn’t have time to meet with a teacher?

Purpose S This software’s main highlight is that it was designed for students in mind who struggle with class and studying. S This problem needs to be solved because no student should be left on their own when they are in dire need of help. S I have had multiple relationships to this problem. Not just one, but many classes I have been studying a topic and nothing makes sense. At that point I need someone to help me, but teachers/professors usually aren’t available right at that moment. At that point you can open up Study Buddy and search for someone close who might need help in the subject that you do. Lane Compton, Study Buddy, May 7th

Objectives S The goals behind Study Buddy are to help students who are having difficulty in classes and with studying that they can use our App to improve their studying habits to what suits their needs with another peer who needs help on the same topic. S The Target Market is High School/College subjects; Students in need of help with any subject or topic of their choice. S We are helping hundred of thousands of students nationwide that are in need of free help with their studies. Lane Compton, Study Buddy, May 7th

How It Solves This Problem S Study Buddy is a simple software that can be used by anybody. It is a quick and efficient way to find a peer close by that can help you in a specific subject, or to find ways to perfect your studying habits. S It is a free Application that can be found on the Google Play market, Android Market, and in the iTunes App Store. S Study Buddy searches for potential matches near your current position, lets you chat with them, and gives you tips on studying habits. S It can be navigated simply by clicking the banner you want to use (out of the 5 selections) and selecting the subject that is right for you. Lane Compton, Study Buddy, May 7th (We call this Study Fail)

Overall Layout S Main Features: S Buddy Search S Estimate Study Hours S Top Studying Habits S Helpful Videos S Buddy Chat S The layout for this app is mainly 5 banners outlining the main features, that open up when they are pressed. S There are no “Characters” in the Study Buddy App S Other than an oscillating “Pinpoint Locator” circle, and sliding banners, there is a low amount of animation. S The design of Study Buddy is simple, easy to use, and not complicated. Press the buttons you want to take you where it says. Simple! S There are logo graphics that are used in this app, and pictures of people’s profiles who you could be “Study Buddies” with. Also, graphics include the estimate study hours chart and helpful videos. Lane Compton, Study Buddy, May 7th

Estimate Study Hours Lane Compton, Study Buddy, May 7th

Top Studying Habits 1. Study everyday. 2. Create a quiet place at home to study. 3. Turn off the phone, TV, and other devices that may disturb you while studying. 4. Listen to soft music or other white noise. 5. Study in a way that suits your learning style. (Ex: Hands on, Visual, Etc.) 6. Take regular breaks, such as 5 minutes for every half hour. 7. Study early. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! 8. Study the hardest things first, then move onto easier ones. Lane Compton, Study Buddy, May 7th

Top Studying Habits (Cont’) 9. Spend the most time on the things that you find the most difficult. 10. Ask for help if you are struggling with something. 11. Take notes as you study, using your own words to simplify complex concepts. 12. Organize your notes in a notebook or folder. 13. Look at your notes on a regular basis. 14. Quiz yourself about what you just studied. 15. Give yourself a pat on the back after a good study session. Lane Compton, Study Buddy, May 7th

Helpful Video Section Lane Compton, Study Buddy, May 7th

Development Environment S The goals behind Study Buddy are to help students succeed in their future with the use of our Application. Our goal is for a nationwide increase in grade average, while decreasing the national dropout rate. S Simple and easy interface where you first create a FREE profile, then either use the video or tips banners, or go straight into the Buddy Search to find a helping hand. Lane Compton, Study Buddy, May 7th

Execution Environment S Study Buddy will be proposed to high school and college students who are looking to find someone around them who needs help with the same school subject. S Start off in the United States in English, but as it starts growing we will expand to become an international application with multiple languages. Lane Compton, Study Buddy, May 7th

Works Cited S "15 Good Study Habits To Pick Up Now." Get Schooled. N.p., 18 Sept. 2013. Web. 04 May 2014. S Abderisak, Adam. "The Best Way To Learn & Study - Study Habits." Study Habits RSS. N.p., 29 Jan. 2011. Web. 04 May 2014. S Flickr. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. 05 May 2014. S "How Many Hours Do I Need To Study?" Estimate Study Hours. Utah State University, 2009. Web. 2 May 2014 S "How to Get the Most Out of Studying: A Video Series." How to Get the Most Out of Studying. Samford University, 12 June 2012. Web. 07 May 2014. S (for videos) Lane Compton, Study Buddy, May 7th

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