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Information about Studio - Recycling a Landfill - Dunsink Landfill, Dublin, Ireland

Published on November 9, 2008

Author: chris.mcanneny



Recycling a Landfill: Dunsink Recycle Community - Live + Grow + Make

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd to 18th Year 19th t Primary • Horseweed dominant • Grass scrub • Lava Flow • Crabgrass • Broomsedge grass • Severe Landslide • Pigweed • Pines begin to grow Circulation Surfaces Ecology Program Thread Thicket Planting GROWTH built scape built RECYCLING BREWERY TOLKA VALLEY ROYAL CANAL advanced studios dunsink recycle community: live + grow + make dunsink landfill, dublin critic: kate orff - partners: katrina stoll, swati salgaocar

After two decades of unprecedented growth, Ireland has emerged expansion, and the negative issues typically associated with being capped and transformed into a site primed for development. as one of the wealthiest countries in the European Union. Fu- development. As illustrated by the maps, green space, including The site lies at the cusp of the contentious periphery, positioned 1700 1860 1973 1990 2005 eled by the ‘Celtic Tiger,’ Ireland’s economy made a remarkable pastures and parkland, surrounds the city’s core. However as the at the intersection of four major infrastructure connections: the tol turnaround from a country with historically low economic growth, city continues to swell, development projects are in contention Dublin-Galway rail line, the Royal Canal, the N3 and the new M50. ka high unemployment, and failed fiscal policies. With the dramatic growth however, came issues of development that were previously with green space at the periphery. Further, the Tolka Valley runs through the site, serving as one of the last natural corridors for plants and wildlife. foreign to Ireland. Positioned strategically just outside of Dublin city center, Dunsink va has served as a landfill for Fingal County over the past few de- lle At the epicenter, Dublin has been forced to deal with rapid urban cades. The landfill has reached capacity and is in the process of y Development Green Space Corridors Open Space Waterway Industrial Pastures Hedgerow l i ffey val l e Residential Agricultural Woodland y Industrial Development r va l l ey Residential Development Open Space Amenity/ Scientific Area le dd Agricultural Area o 10km d

Dublin Waste Statistics Dunsink Eco-Industrial Process Diagram cost of processing waste in the dublin area every year: € € € € 31,000,000 concrete DUBLIN, SUNDAY, JULY 11, 2005 clean air national grid total waste produced in the dublin area = 450,000 TONS/YEAR FINGAL COUNTY In Ireland, Tons of Trash and No- housing live Where to Put it waste water DUNSINK waste to energy set-up costs € € € € € € € 100O TONS/DAY CAPACITY = € 70,000,000 € € € € € € € 200O TONS/DAY CAPACITY = € 140,000,000 By Brian Lavery cement factory fly ash landfill make grow “We have a Third World attitude to the whole issue of waste... € € € €€ € € 300O TONS/DAY CAPACITY = € 240,000,000 Once it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. There’s no sense of responsibility.” flue purification transformer local grid heating Ireland’s “Celtic Tiger” economy generated a vast increase in garbage over the last decade. That unpleasantly tangible side effect met with Ireland’s inadequate capacity, expensive landfill fees and lax oversight to create a roaring black market in garbage collection. gas energy from incernation powers: 1 million tons of waste, or 15 percent of the national total, still disappear furnace turbine condenser MSW heat spent steam organic waste illegaly each year, and the money changing hands over it may reach up to 1000 TONS/DAY CAPACITY 2000 TONS/DAY CAPACITY 3000 TONS/DAY CAPACITY $120 million. 30,000 HOUSEHOLDS 60,000 HOUSEHOLDS 90,000 HOUSEHOLDS biogas biogas digester compost ...fees to use the legal landfills are high:about $180 per metric ton of incinerator residue waste glass waste processing [Ireland] ...has no nuclear power and imports much of its electricity. metal energy from incineration facility sorting center recyclable spent grain [The government has] zoning and environmental approval for a huge waste heats: 1000 TONS/DAY CAPACITY 2000 TONS/DAY CAPACITY 3000 TONS/DAY CAPACITY incinerator near Cork, and hopes to build six more... metal ferromagnetic 25,000 HOUSEHOLDS 50,000 HOUSEHOLDS 75,000 HOUSEHOLDS separator landscape water production waste water waste water processing paper paper recycling brewery Eco-Industrial Synergy packaging plastic plastic recycling stormwater bottom ash beer organic waste

Disturbance Early Succession Late Succession Climax State • Disruption to Succession cycle • R-Selected • K-Selected • Stable end-stage or potential vegetation state Circulation • • High fecundity. Produce many offspring, unlikely to survive to adulthood • Produce few offspring, likely to survive to adulthood • Most ecosystems experience disturbances at a rate • Dominate in unstable environments • Dominate in stable environments that makes climax state unattainable • Small size, short generation time • Pop. constant and close to max environ can sustain • Climax state abandoned by most modern ecologists • Little advantage to adaption as environment is constantly changing over time • Ability to compete for limited resources • Non-Equilibrium State now generally agreed upon Surfaces Ecology Program • fire Secondary • Asters dominant • Young pine forest • Pine to hardwood transition • windthrow • Crabgrass • logging Thread Thicket Planting SUCCESSION North Carolina Piedmont 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd to 18th Year 19th to 30th Year 30th to 70th Year 70th to 100th Year 100 Year+ Primary • Horseweed dominant • Crabgrass • Grass scrub • Broomsedge grass • Mature pine forest • Understory of young • Climax oak-hickory forest GROWTH • Lava Flow • Severe Landslide • Pigweed • Pines begin to grow hardwoods scape built scape built scape built

Phasing Phase 5 Multi-Use Infrastructue Zoning program funding Industrial landscape initiation facilitation establishment sustainability public/ Proposed Rail Residential preserve hedgerows r-selected planting to connect hedgerows + reforest river valley maintain landscape prepare landscape private (compost-aided) (compost-aided) for long-term sustainability Golf Course + Recreation Multi-Use Infrastructue Waterway vehicular public/ Wooded infrastructure access permanent site roads private roads Open Space Bio-Gas Facility biogas digester public WTE Road/Rail digester turbine Mixed Eco-Use Observatory waste to energy public Infrastructure base infrastructure + furnace 1 (1000 tons/day) furnace 2 (1000 tons/day) furnace 3 (1000 tons/day) Water brewery private Distribution processing packaging Canal Return Water Multi-Use Infrastructue waste recycling public/ glass and metal processing private Waster Recycling Center Tolka River Electricity housing private 1500 units 1500 units 1500 units 1500 units Heat Tolka Corridor Rail Brewery 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.5 3.5 5 10 20 25 30 years revenue cost Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 WASTE TO ENERGY € HOUSING BIOGAS DIGESTER RECYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE LANDSCAPE BREWERY 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.5 3.5 5.0 10 15 20 30

Overall Site Strategy Hedgerow Infrastructure Distribution INFRASTRUCTURE DISTRIBUTION SUB PRIME PRIME M-50 Highway WASTE TO ENERGY PROPOSED STATION SUB SYSTEM Tiphead HOUSING Agricultural Fields Leachate Pond tThe Mound BREWERY PATHWAYS WalkingTimes WALKING TIMES/PATHS The Observetory TO TRAIN STATION Golf Course Pasture RECYCLING CENTER RO TRAIN STATION Tolka River Corridor HEDGEROWS Forest Existing Site Condistions Building Coverage BUILDING COVERAGE



RECYCLE CENTER incoming train crane waste bulky waste outgoing barge overs screen ferrous metal organic magnet (to barge or baler) waste screen large plastics sort converyor ferrous metal magnet (to barge or baler) bulk plastic jugs beverage mixed plastics & bottles cartons plastics reverse magnet separator reverse magnet separator Re-Use of Crush Class non-ferrous non-ferrous metal sort conveyor metals glass non- foil non-ferrous aluminum recyclables metals cans overs small plastics sort container screens overs RECYCLE OFFICE bulk plastics plastic jugs & bottles beverage cartons mixed plastics non- recyclables TIPPING FLOOR glass aggregates non- RECYCLE DROP-OFF sand / gravel / raw recyclables to local processor via rail BULKY WASTE outgoing barge baler outgoing train MECHANIZED SORTING FINAL SORTING WTE TRANSFER METALS PAPER METALS PLASTIC PLASTICS GLASS N ORGANIC STORAGE N NON-RECYCLABLE

Combining Polymers For Dublin to effectively deal with its waste, it must innovate new uses for recycled materials. A team at Rutgers University in New Jersey has developed a new structural plastic made of recycled materials. By combining flexible plastic waste with stiff plastic waste, the team has created a plastic that is both stiff and strong, where before neither would be suitable for building materials. The reconstructed plastic is now widely used by large institutions, including the US military, to produce structural items like rail ties 65% POLYETHYLENE 35% POLYSTYRENE RECYCLED POLYMER and pilings. With a new railway planned through Dunsink, plastic qualities qualities qualities from the plant could be used to help construct the line. flexible plastic stiff material stiff material examples: examples: examples: In many ways, this new recycled plastic is emblematic of the Dun- milk jugs foam cups rail ties sink renewal project. Historically industry and residential zones detergent bottles plastic coat hangers pilings have been separated, as it was considered dangerous to mix the two. But as technology has advanced, it is now plausible to have the two occupy the same space. The recycling center reflects this notion. The façade becomes a combination of both perforated skin with louvers to shade. The two together create a skin that begins to blend the massive scale of the recycle center into the existing landscape.

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