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Published on October 4, 2007

Author: Hannah


Celiac Disease : Building Community Awareness :  Celiac Disease : Building Community Awareness Compiled by Jane Marler What is Celiac Disease?:  What is Celiac Disease? Genetic digestive disorder caused by an allergy to protein fractions in certain grains. Wheat Rye Barley Damage Caused by Gluten:  Damage Caused by Gluten Allergic reaction to proteins leads to damage of the intestinal mucosal lining. Consequences of Damage:  Consequences of Damage Osteoporosis Anemia Cancer Lactose Intolerance Multiple Sclerosis Rheumatoid Arthritis Diabetes How Common is Celiac Disease?:  How Common is Celiac Disease? 1/133 have the disease. Only 1/2,500 have been diagnosed in the U.S. 1/22 with celiacs in their family have the disease. Do You Think You Might Have Celiac Disease?:  Do You Think You Might Have Celiac Disease? Symptoms: Bumpy rash Weight loss and gain Diarrhea Bloating Constipation Fatigue Weakened bones Muscle cramps Depression How is Celiac Disease Diagnosed?:  How is Celiac Disease Diagnosed? Available Blood Tests: Anti-Gliadin Antibodies Endomysium Antibody Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody Genetic indicator Final Indicator: Upper Endoscopy Is there a cure?:  Is there a cure? Stop consumption of gluten. Wheat Rye Barley Oats* What do gluten-containing foods provide? Fiber Protein Vitamins Iron Zinc How do you replace the nutrients lost? Fruits Vegetables Dairy Nuts Alternative flours and cereals Daily vitamins *In North America, oats can be cross-contaminated with dangerous grains. Where is Gluten?:  Where is Gluten? Wheat Wheat Bran Wheat Starch Kamut Spelt Triticale Barley Malt Malt Extract Malt Flavoring Rye Oats Oat Syrup Oat Bran Bulgur Couscous Cereal Binding Semolina Graham Flour Ingredients to Look Out for:  Ingredients to Look Out for Hydrolyzed Plant or Vegetable Protein Seasonings Flavorings Starches Modified Food Starches Dextrin Maltodextrin Be sure to watch out for questionable ingredients not only in foods but also in medicines. Eating Gluten-Free:  Eating Gluten-Free Breads, Cereals, Rice and Pasta: Amaranth Arrowroot Buckwheat Cornmeal Corn Flour Flax Seed Garbanzo Garfava Potato Starch Rice Soy Millet Sorghum Tapioca Quinoa Teff Breads, cereals, and pastas made with gluten-free products. Fruits and Vegetables:  Fruits and Vegetables Apples Grapefruit Oranges Bananas Grapes Pears Peaches Strawberries Blackberries Spinach Celery Potatoes Onions Squash Cucumber Carrots Peppers All unbreaded vegetables Meats, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans Eggs, and Nuts:  Meats, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans Eggs, and Nuts Eggs Turkey Chicken Tuna Beef Peanut Butter Soybeans Kidney beans Lentils Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese:  Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese Milk Cheeses Yogurt Cream Watch out for additives. Fats, Oils, and Sweets:  Fats, Oils, and Sweets Butter Ice Cream Honey Jams and Jellies Chocolate Soft Drinks Salad Dressing Daily Meal Options: Day 1:  Daily Meal Options: Day 1 Breakfast: GF cereal, fresh fruit, and a glass of orange juice or milk. Lunch: GF bread with turkey and cheese, corn chips, and an apple. Snack: Yogurt. Dinner: GF Homemade Macaroni and Cheese, steamed carrots, and a fresh fruit salad. Day 2:  Day 2 B: GF waffles or pancakes with eggs and bacon. L: GF crackers with cheese or hummus, yogurt, and rice cakes with peanut butter. S: Peanuts, almonds, or unseasoned soy nuts. D: GF pizza with a fresh salad. Day 3:  Day 3 B: Fresh fruit smoothie. L: Baked potato with cheese or butter and a fresh salad with green peppers and tomatoes. S: Rice cake with peanut butter. D: Grilled chicken, brown rice, steamed broccoli, and GF rolls. Day 4:  Day 4 B: GF toast with peanut butter and a bowl of yogurt. L: Fresh fruit salad and rice with chicken. S: Popcorn. D: Mashed potatoes, pork chops, GF bread, and a fresh fruit salad. Getting Started:  Getting Started Begin a gluten-free environment. Buy flour mixes, cereals, breads First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op Fred Meyer Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc. Trader Joe’s Always check labels Call or email if ingredients are questionable Find support in a fellow celiac or group Use resources Celiac Resources:  Celiac Resources Organizations/Websites: Celiac Disease Foundation Celiac Sprue Association/USA, Inc. Gluten Intolerance Group of North America Canadian Celiac Association Magazines: Gluten-Free Living Living Without Books: Dangerous Grains by James Braly and Ron Hoggan Waiter, Is there Wheat in My Soup? by LynnRae Ries Cookbooks: Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide by Shelley Case Gluten-Free Baking by Rebecca Reilly Wheat-Free Recipes & Menus by Carol Fenster The Gluten-Free Gourmet: Cooks Fast and Healthy by Bette Hagman What should you do in these situations?:  What should you do in these situations? School Friends’ houses:  Friends’ houses Family gatherings:  Family gatherings Restaurants:  Restaurants Tips for Life as a Celiac:  Tips for Life as a Celiac Always question. Remember: Content Contact Contamination:  Remember: Content Contact Contamination ! View life as a new normal and find a positive aspect. :  View life as a new normal and find a positive aspect. What does the future hold?:  What does the future hold? Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act Vaccine Medication Primitive wheat Research Questions?:  Questions?

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