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Published on May 18, 2008

Author: gmanb5



A presentation given at the NYSCATE 2008 Metro Conference.

What happens when students have a voice? Gerald Ardito, Pace University May 18, 2008 NYSCATE Metro Conference

Or How my life was ruined by Will Richardson

For a long time, education looked like this.

The teacher was the authority, sprinkling information on thirsty students.

Paulo Freire likened traditional teachers to bank tellers, doling out information in frugal doses.

Students were considered sheep, needing to be led.

Then, some people said, “Stop!”

Maybe things were out of order.

Maybe students could work to build their own understanding.

Maybe students had something to say, something that needed saying, and the saying of which would allow them to educate themselves.

They could communicate and collaborate.

They could create.

There are lots of tools to let this happen.

Lots of ways students can grow their understanding.

They make posters

They make models

They perform experiments

They go on field trips

They work together.

All of it designed to have the students construct their own meaning and understanding.

And then, along came Web 2.0

Instantly, people could communicate, collaborate, and think together ...

Suddenly being an author with a real audience became a reality for just about anybody...students included

In all kinds of new ways.




Social Networks

Google Docs



What when students get to use their own voices? have a voice? So, what happens happens when students

The End

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