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Published on October 1, 2014

Author: sekemio



A2 media coursework

By Sekemi Olunloyo

I will be analysing 2 student videos in lots of detail so that I can notice both the good and bad points and other things which students in my position have made good use of. I might even make use of some of ideas if they are good/creative enough. In every good student music video I think that the most important factor is that the actor/actress can lip sync because if it is not done properly there is the possibility that it will bring sown the quality of the video completely. In this specific video the actress has done the lip syncing very which helps the video out a lot. View slide

It was written and produced in 2013 and was released on her 3rd studio album. It is classed as electro pop and euro dance and the main concept of the video is that Lady Gaga is dependent on her fans adoration. I also think that this is the right student video for me to analyse because it shows that its not only RnB that I can analyse so it basically shows other skills. View slide

There was a wide range of editing which I think was absolutely necessary for this type of song, as the genre clearly states it is electro pop/euro dance. Hence a serious of fast shots are necessary because it matches with the upbeat tune of the song. The use of both colour effects and black and white effects connotes how Lady Gaga feels like its only her fans who she has.

A technique has also been used to switch between both the colour scenes and the black and whit scenes and this another reason why I class this as one of my best videos.

Each and every camera shot fits in effectively with the song. The are casual camera shots but are effective to the necessary limit. Although they could have used a bit more of a variety and its also clear that they used the same location throughout but in the long run the video still came out looking good and reached its point effectively.

I think this was reached properly because Lady Gaga is know for eccentric outfits and this student has portrayed it effectively and obviously took her turn to make this costumes or borrowed them from the drama department.

There is a lots of similarity bin their costume choices

The lighting in this video has different intensities ranging from high key lighting to low key lighting to artificial lighting. There us no use of natural lighting. I feel that it fits in with artist mostly and her way of life.

In this she has made both use of natural lighting and artificial lighting behind the black and white.

The setting is not as creative as I would have liked it to be because it was obviously filmed in some type of school hall , I think that they shouldn’t have put in the hall scene but jumped straight ahead to the main parts because that is what viewers will forever have in their heads but I think they did it to appeal more to the name of the song.

I don’t think anyone could have been better picked for this role except Lady Gaga herself because the girl did everything I would expect from Lady Gaga in a nay of her videos. She also portrayed the female role properly and did her lip syncing very well. The performance is not a particularly basic one because of the type of song and the artist. This is by far the worst video I have seen as a whole. I think its because it has no ounce of creativity and I have also heard this song before and the entire concept of this student video defeats the purpose entirely.

Azonto is a song by British-Ghanaian singer rapper Fuse ODG it was released in the UK as a digital download on the 29th September 2013. it peaked at number 30 on the UK singles chart. It is classed under the genre of afro beat and dance.

I hardly noticed any editing I feel like they just pieced different pieces together but without and technique. So basically it consists of straight cuts and maybe a fade in and fade out. There is no structure to the edits in this video which has obviously made there video not as good as it should have been.

The camera shots in this music video were not varied at all. They were very basic and there was no variety. It consisted of close up and mid shots and for the video to be taken to the next level the video needed more of a variety. Its also obvious that only one camera has been used because its all shot from the same angles. And once again because it’s a dance/party music it needs to have more shots.

There is no structure to the costume of these artists. They don't seem to be portraying anything specific which gives the video a bad edge. Its obviously a guy who just randomly picked his friends after sixth form and just went round London filming random things. He also hasn’t effectively portrayed the artist right with the costume choice.

There is no dimension to these costume choices. They have not planned it well at all. Its also a party/dance song and they weren't even dressed for the scenario.

Only natural lighting has been used and I know that because it has obvious been filmed outdoors. I feel like this is the only thing that they got right about the video, but if I could change anything I would have low key lighting because it is meant to give off a party vibe which it has not given off yet.

This song doesn’t exactly need actors because it’s a dance song although it doesn’t give them the excuse of not having people who can genuinely act because it makes it seem like they have just taken the easy way out and not bothered to pick any serious person.

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