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Published on December 7, 2016

Author: jassy0121


1. Student DigiPak and Mag Advert Analyses

2. The colours of this digipak are quite consistent and I think look quite nice. The front cover image looks really good, it is quite simple with the silhouette and well contrasts with the sky. The theme of the guitar which is continued to the inside which shows the genre quite well (country/indie) and is suitable for that target audience. The placement of font does not interfere with the image which is good as it is clear what the album is called and the artist name. The digipak has a track list but does not have any copyright information which does not follow the standard conventions for digipaks. I like the imagery used in this digipak and the colour scheme although there isn’t a lot happening, I like how it is kept simple Student Digipak 1

3. The poster is very similar to the album cover which gives a relation between the two. The difference between the digipak cover is that it has the release date placed above the image, this follows the normal convention for adverts. It also contains a review which is another convention for adverts, this gives the audience an idea on what to expect for the album. There isn’t a lot to the advert which can bring the attention of the audience to the album name and artist. The image is the same as the cover of the digipak which gives a clear brand identity for the two. The poster looks quite plain but does follow the normal conventions. Student Poster 1

4. Student Digipak 2 I think the genre of this digipak is synthpop or techno as the colours used are quite dark and have a green and blue theme. The main image is quite interesting as it shows someone with a computerised face, this can intrigue the audience as it is quite mysterious. The font placement suits the framing of the main image as it is at the top, this is easy for the audience to read the artist name and name of the album. The back cover does not have any copyright information and doesn’t follow the normal convention for digipaks. The same image for the face is used on the back which gives a brand identity for the album. The inside front cover shows the artist but their face is pixelated which keeps the theme of the album.

5. The poster is well presented, it follows the conventions of artist and album name. The font is easy to read and the album name is in bold which is clear for the audience to know the name. The image is the same as the back cover of the digipak which defines the brand image further. The poster includes two websites at the bottom which shows technology being incorporated into an album. The poster also has the website of a major shop which deals in dvds, cds and more, this gives the audience more buying options, this can make it easier for them to acquire if they cannot find the album in a shop. In the bottom right corner, a logo which was on the digipak is also on the poster, this is more brand identity being incorporated. I like the colour scheme of the poster as it correlates with the digipak. Student Poster 2

6. This digipak is well presented and shows many images of the artist, which is convention for digipaks as it is something the target audience may like. The main image shows a gold chain over the artist’s face which could be linked to a meaning within the album. The font placement on the front is well framed as it is clear who the artist is and the name of the album. The leopard print on the back of the digipak and where the cd would go, is an example of brand identity for the album. The back cover includes copyright information, a track list and barcode which are all conventions for digipaks. On the inside, one of the images of the artist have a cigarette, which could mean the artist’s target genre is for adults and not particularly for children. Student Digipak 3

7. Student Poster 3 The poster includes the main image of the digipak which is brand identity. The font is all presented very well, the artist and album name is clear and easy to read. It includes the release of the album which is a typical convention. It also has many reviews for the album which can give the audience an expectation on how good the album is. The placement of the reviews and information does not interfere with the main image which is good as it allows the audience to see the cover if the album and also the information on the poster.

8. Conclusion My opinion on these digipaks and posters is that they are well presented and look very good. They all have a clear brand identity for the albums which is very important. The fonts and imagery are all good for their particular genres and promotes the artists. My favourite would be the first digipak and poster as they do what they are meant to do, which is promote the album, although they are both simple, the art used is very nice and stands out to me.

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