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Information about stress types and coping strategies

Published on February 16, 2014

Author: ankitgrover142


Stress: Meaning, Types and Coping Strategies.: Stress: Meaning, Types and Coping Strategies. Ankit Grover , Roll No:66, PowerPoint Presentation: Stress Stress is the spice of life….who would enjoy a life of no runs, no hits and no errors? -Hans Selye , M.D . PowerPoint Presentation: Definition Stress is the process by which we perceive and respond to certain events that we see as threatening or challenging. Stress is defined as the collective physiological and emotional responses to any stimulus that disturbs an individual’s homeostasis. PowerPoint Presentation: Stressor Any event or circumstance that causes stress is called stressor. Stressor as such does not cause stress but our perception of that event, the meaning we attach to it and the way we react to it leads to symptoms or diseases of stress . PowerPoint Presentation: Types of Stressor Biological stressors Any illness or disease Disabilities Injuries PowerPoint Presentation: Types of Stressor Environmental stressors Poverty Overcrowding Natural disasters PowerPoint Presentation: Types of Stressor Cognitive stressors Inability to solve a problem Coming up with creative projects Life change stressors Death of loved ones Divorce Trouble among family and friends PowerPoint Presentation: Types of Stressor Cognitive stressors Inability to solve a problem Coming up with creative projects Life change stressors Death of loved ones Divorce Trouble among family and friends PowerPoint Presentation: Types of Stress PowerPoint Presentation: Acute stress Acute stress is the reaction to an immediate threat, commonly known as the fight or flight response. The threat can be any situation that is experienced, even subconsciously or falsely, as a danger. Common acute stressors include: noise crowding hunger PowerPoint Presentation: Distress It is a displeasing kind of stress It is the “bad” kind of stress It causes the most harm to the body Examples: Death of a loved one Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods. Financial problems PowerPoint Presentation: Eustress It is the “good” kind of stress Something pleasing will result at the end of the stressful situation Examples: Planning a wedding Planning a party Completing your last semester before graduation PowerPoint Presentation: Chronic stress Frequently, however, modern life poses on-going stressful situations that are not short-lived and the urge to act (to fight or to flee) must be suppressed. Stress, then, becomes chronic. Common chronic stressors include: on-going highly pressured work, long-term relationship problems, loneliness, and persistent financial worries. PowerPoint Presentation: It is important to recognize early signs of stress. If these signs are present all the efforts should be directed towards strengthening the coping strategies. Early signs of stress PowerPoint Presentation:  signs of stress sleep disturbances back, shoulder or neck pain tension or migraine headaches upset or acid stomach, cramps, heartburn, gas, irritable bowel syndrome constipation, diarrhea weight gain or loss, eating disorders hair loss muscle tension fatigue high blood pressure irregular heartbeat, palpitations asthma or shortness of breath chest pain sweaty palms or hands cold hands or feet skin problems (hives, eczema, psoriasis, tics, itching) periodontal disease, jaw pain reproductive problems immune system suppression: more colds, flu, infections growth inhibition PowerPoint Presentation: Coping PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU Contact : +918968165400 +917837785400

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