Strength Training For Adults

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Information about Strength Training For Adults

Published on April 15, 2008

Author: Rachele


Slide1:  STRENGTH TRAINING FOR ADULTS PAUL MURPHY DECEMBER 2005 Why strength train?:  Why strength train? Stronger players run faster and turn quicker Helps reduce the risk of injury One of the most fatiguing elements of our game is taking and making tackles Strength contributes to more efficient skill execution Psychological benefits OUTCOMES:  OUTCOMES Understand the basic principles of strength training as part of the annual plan. Develop the knowledge and technical ability to implement a structured programme. Understand how to set up a weights session to the development of strength for a GAA player. Understand and have the ability to set up a circuit training session. TYPES OF STRENGTH:  TYPES OF STRENGTH GENERAL STRENGTH:  GENERAL STRENGTH HYPERTROPHY:  HYPERTROPHY MAX STRENGTH:  MAX STRENGTH POWER:  POWER PROGRAM DESIGN:  PROGRAM DESIGN THE INDIVIDUAL :  THE INDIVIDUAL Current strength level (test results) Injury history/ other weaknesses eg. vertical jump Playing position Facilities available Remember MERCS :  Remember MERCS Train the MUSCLES used in sport* Train the ENERGY system Train the RANGE of movement as per sport Train the CONTRACTION type Train the same SPEEDS of movement CIRCUIT TRAINING TYPES: - Strength - Aerobic/anaerobic - Core - Power/S.S.:  CIRCUIT TRAINING TYPES: - Strength - Aerobic/anaerobic - Core - Power/S.S. STRUCTURE:  STRUCTURE Screening Teach exercises Warm-up Main phase Cool down CONSIDERATIONS:  CONSIDERATIONS Fitness/skill components to be trained Layout eg. Oval, linear, small circles Station work : Time vs Repetitions? No. of circuits Facilities and equipment available STRENGTH TRAINING FACILITY:  STRENGTH TRAINING FACILITY Olympic lifting platform/squat rack Dumbell rack Pulley system Benches Chinning bar Specific machines C.V. machines Floor area Mats Therabands & tubing Swiss ball Steps/boxes Medicine balls Resistance belts Any questions:  Any questions

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