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Information about Street Fighter Game Characters Ryu

Published on December 31, 2008

Author: HadokenHahndo


Description - Ryu street fighter gallery - manga, anime, fanfiction, webcomics, and more -

STREET FIGHTER GAME CHARACTERS RYU STREET FIGHTER CHARACTER PROFILE Street Fighter Character Bio Street Fighter 2 Moves Ryu is a wandering vagabond warrior Hadoken • who is searching for the man who killed Shoryuken • his karate master. He has a rivalry with Hurricane Kick • is training partner Ken, and he is Shinkuu Hadoken considered by most to be the greatest • Street Fighter alive. Shin-Shoryuken • Fighting Games | Fanfiction | Manga | Anime | Webcomics | Action Movies | MMORPGs | And More!!

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RYU Meister des Hado. Ein umherziehender Street Fighter, der rigoros trainiert, um ein echter Kampfkünstler zu werden. Er möchte sich mit Kämpfern aus ...
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