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Published on December 31, 2008

Author: HadokenHahndo


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STREET FIGHTER GAME CHARACTERS AKUMA STREET FIGHTER CHARACTER PROFILE Street Fighter Character Bio Street Fighter 2 Moves Akuma is a demon fighter who has Hadoken • turned to the Dark Hadou. He is Shoryuken • constantly seeking out a warrior who Hurricane Kick • can kill him in battle, however everyone Air Hadoken he fights he beats. He has been trying • to get Ryu to turn to the Dark Side. Destructive Hadoken • Destructive Air Hadoken • Raging Demon • Fighting Games | Fanfiction | Manga | Anime | Webcomics | Action Movies | MMORPGs | And More!! Check out:

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AKUMA Meister der Faust. Er ist Träger des Satsui no Hadou und wird "Meister der Faust" genannt; er erledigt Gegner mit dem Furor eines Dämons.
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