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Published on January 14, 2009

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Slide 1: Youth and High School Rugby Strategic Plan 2007 Review USA Rugby Youth and High School Organization : USA Rugby Youth and High School Organization Board of Directors Rugby Committee Youth Committee Youth Rules Committee Operational Imperatives : Operational Imperatives The game will be grown by the local leaders with USA Rugby’s support The State-Based Organizations will be the primary tool for the development of the game USA Rugby will support the creation of State-Based Organizations Each State-Based Organization will be different and will require different support USA Rugby will act as the information hub for youth and high school rugby providing potential human resources and hosting the best practice pool The recruitment and development of additional human resources is key to supporting the growth of the game USA Rugby will influence the players experience through the development of coaches, referees and administrators. SBDM Pathway : SBDM Pathway Community No structure SBDM Candidate HS and Youth Teams decide to join together SBDM Partner Organizational structure with 501c3 and board SBDM Organization Business model in place with Exec Director as paid position SBO RDO in place, best practice being shared Age-Grade Player Pathway State High School Athletic Association Recognition USA Rugby Youth and High School Vision 2011 : USA Rugby Youth and High School Vision 2011 To make rugby a legitimate high school sport opportunity for all athletes by providing a great experience on and off the field, and by gaining recognition in high school and college administrations through growth in numbers of participants and an enhanced rugby brand. “Making Rugby the Athlete’s Choice” Slide 6: To make rugby a legitimate high school sport choice for all athletes by providing a great experience on and off the field, and by gaining increased recognition in high school and college administrations through growth in numbers of participants and an enhanced rugby brand. Improving Awareness Branding and Recognition Objectives Improving the Player’s Experience Building Strong Support Structures Slide 7: The Strength of the Strategic Plan is the Combination of the Overall Objectives Objective: Improving the Player’s Experience : Objective: Improving the Player’s Experience Coach Development Strategies By 2011, every player has regular access to high quality, nationally certified coaches Local Coach Development Opportunities Develop process for peer coach reviews Develop process for player assessments of coaches Create coach assessments based upon certification benchmarks Identify and develop Regional/State based Coach Development Officers Develop certification benchmarks to guide coaching efforts Enhance PCA relationship including enforcement and assessment Communication Develop coaching newsletter from the office and the regions Develop online coaching community Coach Development Program Create certification incentives to attract coaches and increase commitment Create interim coaching orientation certification Enhance on-going coaching certification with matching online resource support Create strategies for learning how to assess players Create individual player development guides Launch coaching program for non-contact rugby Leverage access to schools and community based organizations to attract new coaches Referee Development Strategies By 2011, there is a certified and qualified referee for every youth and high school game played. Recruitment and Retention Develop appropriate and consistent compensation structure Recruit parents for youth/non-contact games Implement requirement for every club to provide one qualified referee Create a recognition/rewards program Include community referees in the rugby social structure Create punishments for coaches and players that abuse referees Recruit officials from other sports Recruit officials from college players Recruit teachers Create and market role models Develop and market a positive image for rugby officiating Referee Training Localize referee training Develop youth specific training and development system Create local referee development opportunities Develop local mentoring program for referee development Implement continuing education process for referee Objective: Improving the Players Experience : Objective: Improving the Players Experience Player Development By 2011, there will be a proven pathway from first rugby experience through to the adult game to sustain growth in player participation and enhance player performance. Create a complete player pathway Create a database of all teams that can be published on the website to enhance assets Establish regional youth U15, U17, U21 teams to complement current U19 structure Establish player development officer in each region/state Create partnerships with schools, clubs, colleges and academies to enhance player access Establish national standards for player skills/competencies/fitness etc based on age/experience Establish database of player development opportunities. Camps etc. Set standards for USA Rugby Player Development Cams High School and College Development Create tools for non-intercollegiate college program administration Establish collegiate scholarship programs Support rollout of a PE curriculum to introduce the non-contact game to elementary and middle schools Develop and enhance an infrastructure to support school/cbo based player development Medical and Safety By 2011, The safety of all youth and high school players will be provided through high quality refereeing and coaching, as well as access to appropriate medical coverage on and off the field. Provide gap/catastrophic health insurance for age-grade players. Create guide to build relationships with local sports orthopedic clinics to provide trainers at rugby games and practice. Emphasize safety in all referee and coach development processes. Create fitness guidelines Provide opportunities to track injuries Create injury prevention guide Create guidelines for new player introduction Provide access for basic first aid information for coaches, referees, parent etc. Objective: Building Strong Support Structures : Objective: Building Strong Support Structures Creating State-Based Organizations By 2011, every youth club is part of their USA Rugby recognized Regional/State-Based Organization. Identify criteria to be defined as a recognized Regional/State-Based Organization Create marketing material that explains a Regional Rugby Growth Organization and the benefits of Regional/State-Based Organization Identify what Regional/ State-Based Organizations exist Identify high population areas that do not have rugby for potential Regional Rugby Growth Model implementation Regional Rugby Growth Model Develop the Regional Rugby Growth Model manual Provide access pathway for current rugby organizations to move to the Regional Rugby Growth Model Identify and develop a pool of expert practitioners to support new organizations Implement consulting process to support the development of Regional/State-Based organizations Create local strategic alliances with other youth organizations (Boys and Girls Club etc) National Organization and Structure By 2011, the youth rugby community can understand, direct and assess USA Rugby youth policies, finances and programs. National Structure Define roles and responsibility of the youth committee Establish appropriate National business model for developing youth and high school rugby Launch “State of the Game” annual report for membership including finances, membership growth and performance Develop appropriate measurement and tracking tools to monitor growth of the game Regional/State-Based Organizations Create annual forum with representative from each Regional/State-Based Organization Elect a Regional/State-Based Organization representative to youth committee Create communication channels between Regional/State-Based Organizations and the youth committee Create transition plan from LAU/TU to Regional/State-Based Organization Create Regional/State-Based Organizations website for sharing of best practices Establish and support partnerships that promote and support growth in the youth game. Objective: Building Strong Support Structures : Objective: Building Strong Support Structures Facilities By 2011, All clubs own or have access to suitable and safe facility to meet their individual needs. National Identify and develop expert practitioners pool Enhance relationships w/Youth and High School serving non-profits (YMCA, Boys and Girls etc) Create professionally produced fundraising proposals Create guide for developing improved relationships with High Schools Create guide to gain sponsors/donors for fundraising campaign Develop educational process to train administrators in grant writing Develop standards for rugby use of facilities Local Identify potential partnerships between rugby clubs and other sports clubs to share facilities Develop tools to build relationships with local government organizations and with civic groups in community Identify grant writing opportunities and process Develop relationships to gain access to college facilities Program/Club Development By 2011, State-Based Organizations will provide programs to grow Youth and High School rugby. Human Resources Launch program to identify potential human resources to support growth of the game. Create database of all current and former members Create leadership development tools for club leaders/administrators Develop local leadership networks to share best practice and support Materials Develop distribution for team start-up kit, posters etc. Enhance competition structure for all teams Develop pool of best practice for club administration Create parent guide for enhancing club parent network Create recruitment and retention guide Create business model best practice guide Develop grant writing guide for local organizations High School and College Recognition Define National Competition Structure for boys and girls Develop process to gain varsity recognition Identify and target high school leagues with potential to elevate teams to interscholastic status Create guide for developing good relationships with administration Develop programmatic standards and tools for high school and college Enhance exit strategy of High School players to college programs Objective: Improving Awareness, Branding and Recognition : Objective: Improving Awareness, Branding and Recognition Marketing and Branding By 2011, US Youth & HS Rugby is a strong brand that is widely seen as a tough fun game that builds character. Media Develop media training for local administrators Place international matches on free TV Make USA Rugby national championships available on the internet/TV Development of USA Rugby media kit, clip art, video clips etc Create marketing plan for boys and girls U19 program Marketing and Branding Develop “the rugby story” Create Youth Rugby logo and slogan (brand identity) Promote our national team members with posters, t-shirts etc Identify grant opportunities for endowed professorships and graduate and undergraduate scholarships at colleges Identify grant proposal to fund rugby impact studies from youth sports foundations Develop crisis plan for media if serious injury Create national sponsorship with impact locally to generate local funds Recruitment and Diversity By 2011, USA Rugby Youth & HS players will reflect the demographics of their community. Player Recruitment Include recruitment responsibility and rewards as part of Youth Development Officer job description Create coach recruitment process Develop recruitment and retention guide Identify high potential growth areas through membership surveys Develop new areas with low barriers of entry using Development and Non-contact Alternative Paths Playing test matches in cities target cities with ancillary events Holding EA Sports Rugby 06 tournaments in cities to help promote the game. Diversity Establish marketing relationships with minority companies (record, clothing, TV) Record and track ethnic diversity within membership Identify and market minority role models within materials Establish youth and high school programs in urban environments College Opportunities Create tools for colleges to gain access to admissions support Market colleges with admissions support for rugby players Support the development of alumni networks to fund scholarships Leverage rugby alumni to gain support from college administration Develop educational tools to build awareness of the varsity elevation process for coaches and players 2007 Review : 2007 Review Building Strong Support Structures 2007 Strategies : Building Strong Support Structures 2007 Strategies Clubs/Program Development Launch recruitment campaign for coaches, referees and administrators for the youth and high school gamev Develop online team/club administrative tools v Develop best-practice collection and dissemination process v Develop Parent network best practice guide v Create online access for materials v Host high school/youth development conference v Forming State-Based Organizations Create best practice guide for Regional Rugby Growth Organizations v Identify and develop new regional rugby growth model candidates v Develop and implement consulting development process v National Organization and Governance Hold regional/state-based organization forum v Identify and support current regional rugby organizations v Enhance regional rugby development network to include regional rugby development officers v Identify and support local youth development human resources v Leverage USA Rugby events to recruit for local support v Develop appropriate measurement and tracking tools to monitor growth of the game v Define roles of youth committee v Launch PE Curriculum roll out program v Identify best practice experts v Create USA Rugby’s pathway for high school varsity recognition v Awareness, Branding and Recognition 2007 Strategies : Awareness, Branding and Recognition 2007 Strategies Player Recruitment, Retention and Diversity Launch youth rugby initiative in 2 urban areas v Identify minority role models for marketing materials v Launch new membership system for player tracking v Recruitment and retention best practice guide v Marketing Create media management best practice guide Enhance youth website v Develop relationships to get rugby on free television v Leverage USA Rugby relationships to provide value to youth and high school programs v Enhance communication and networking within community v Investigate potential rugby friendly grant awarding bodies High School/College Recognition Identify high potential state’s for interscholastic recognition for women’s rugby v Create USA Rugby outreach plan for High School Athletic Directors Increase awareness of rugby as an option for Collegiate athletic directors v Create cooperative program for elevation to varsity status for collegiate programs v Improving the Player Experience 2007 Strategies : Improving the Player Experience 2007 Strategies Referee Development Develop recruiting and retention best practice guide v Create and launch high school and youth specific referee development processv Develop youth and high school specific referee trainers Coach Development Create and launch Non-Contact Rugby course v Create and launch Orientation to Coaching Course v Develop local coach development resources Create on-going post-certification coach development toolsv Enhance online coach develop materials v Player Development Create player pathway to USA U19 teams v Create technical and fitness player standards v Medical and Safety Medical access best practice guide v Facilities Develop fundraising guide and template 2008 Youth and High School Initiatives : 2008 Youth and High School Initiatives 2008 Initiatives : 2008 Initiatives Non-Contact Rugby Campaign SBDM Development 14 SBDM Members VT, VA, NC, SC, FL, TN, OH, IN, IL, CO, OR, TX, SoCal, HI 3 Provisional SBDM MD, Great Plains (NB), WA iRB Grant Pilot Executive Director and Rugby Development Officer 2008 Initiatives – Program/Club Development : 2008 Initiatives – Program/Club Development Create database for membership tracking Club best practice guide and business model Enhance competitive structures for all teams Develop programmatic standards for high school and college teams Create leadership development tools Grant writing guide Enhance exit strategy of high school to college 2008 Initiatives - Facilities : 2008 Initiatives - Facilities Develop standards Identify partnerships with other sports/organizations Develop best practice guide for facilities access High school relationship Sponsors/Donors relationship Identify grant writing opportunities Major development initiatives 2008 Initiatives – Referee Development : 2008 Initiatives – Referee Development Compensation structures Localize referee development Recruit parent referees Reduce referee abuse with discipline Recruit referees from other sports Awards/recognition program Develop relationships with coaches and clubs Positive image for rugby referees Recruit college players to referees Recruit teachers to referees 2008 Initiatives – Player Development : 2008 Initiatives – Player Development Standards for player development camps Create player development pathway Identify player development officers Create player database Create age-grade select side 2008 Initiatives – Medical and Safety : 2008 Initiatives – Medical and Safety Guide for new player introduction Safety guide for coach/referee Fitness guide/standards Guide for getting access to ATC Injury reporting/tracking Catastrophic injury insurance 2008 Initiatives – Coach Development : 2008 Initiatives – Coach Development Player assessment of coaches Player positional guides Create an online coaching community development Coach Development Officers Strategies for player assessment Leverage access for new coaches Benchmark for certification/assessment Coaching newsletter PCA relationship/enforcement Peer coach reviews Incentives 2008 Initiatives – State Based Organization Development : 2008 Initiatives – State Based Organization Development Implement consulting process Create local alliances with other local youth organizations Identify and develop pool of experts Create marketing material that explains the SBO and the benefits Develop the SBDM manual 2008 Initiatives – National Organization Development : 2008 Initiatives – National Organization Development Establish model for SBO development SBO Best practice website Transition plan for LAU/TU Relationship State of the Game Annual Report Elect SBO rep to youth committee Establish and support partnerships with national organizations

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