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Published on February 14, 2014

Author: WelchLLP



Overwhelmed about the future possibilities for your business and the steps you’ll need to take? Watch our archived copy of this webinar here:

On February 13th, 2014, seasoned professionals, Micheal Burch, Welch’s Managing Partner, & Peter Cleveland, CEO of Cleveland Leadership Group presented what they know to be the most effective strategic planning approaches.

Welcome to Today’s Webinar The Expert Toolkit Series: Strategic Planning 101

Ground Rules Questions Windows Mac Tablet • Attendees are in listen-only mode • This webinar is being recorded for future on-demand playback • Your participation represents acknowledgement that we are recording • Tweet questions & comments to: #WelchExpert

Presenters Micheal Burch, CPA, CA, CFP Managing Partner Peter Cleveland, BBA, CFE, CIRP, FCA CEO of Cleveland Leadership Group

What we will cover today • What is Strategic Planning? • Why is Strategic Planning important & how can it help you? • Essential tools of a good Strategic plan • Examples of high level initiatives/goals • Consequences of not having a Strategic Plan • Importance of reviewing the plan regularly

What is Strategic Planning? • Definition - The process of determining where leadership wants the organization to be in the future & how it will get there. • Key Elements – Set vision, Success Statement, Strategies, SWOT, Goals, Action Plans • What does it mean to the CEO? –It provides an agreed upon direction to align all stakeholders

Why is it important? • Without it, the organization drifts toward mediocrity • Helps align the organization in one direction • Its absence encourages silos • Gives understanding of how one part of the organization impacts others • Helps set process improvement initiatives

How can it help? • Organizationally • Personally o Critical Evaluation of o How I have to change current situation o Clearer performance o Creates a road Map toward expectation best practices & greater o Road to rewards success o Tool to gauge success

Essential Approaches • Create a reflective review of the previous 3-5 years • Create a mutually agreed upon vision • Develop measurable 5 year success statement • Break into annual plans • List strategies to get there • Develop step-by-step action plan

Developing High Level Goals/Initiatives • Create stretch goals for revenue & earnings growth • Cultural change is everything • What skills are missing to get there? • Train staff with the necessary skills to implement the plan • Upgrade performance review process • Tie rewards to plan implementation success

Consequences of No Planning • Organization stagnation • Incremental progress at best • Competitors pass you • Limits your chances of improvement • Short change all stakeholders • Accepting the status quo

Importance of Regular Reviews • Makes the plan a part of management accountability • Shows organization that the plan is here to stay • Minimizes risk of reversion • Opportunity for remedial action

Recommended Reads • ‘50 Steps to Business Success’ by Peter Cleveland • ‘Leadership Gurus: Speak Out!’ by Adele Alfano & Kathy Glover • ‘Strategy & the Fat Smoker’ by David Maister

Q&A Micheal Burch, CPA, CA, CFP Managing Partner Peter Cleveland, BBA, CFE, CIRP, FCA CEO of Cleveland Leadership Group

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