Storytelling 360: Great Stories Start BEFORE the Research, And Don’t End With The Report

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Information about Storytelling 360: Great Stories Start BEFORE the Research, And Don’t End...

Published on October 26, 2018

Author: VitalFindings


1. Focused on the fusion of research, insights, and design Started the research team at Dexcom

2. Vital Findings | All rights reserved6 Connect to prior research Leverage current trends Address hot topics Immersions & kickoffs Stakeholder interviews Ongoing participation Insights teasers Design infused presentation invitations Email-based insight sharing Creative questions Analytic frameworks Storytelling devices Succinct insights Data visualization Action workshops

3. by showing stakeholders where we’ve been, and where we’re going

4. from the beginning, and throughout

5. Why Sara is stressed: Sara need the space and support to manage her diabetes successfully, but she doesn’t want to ask for it--she doesn’t want to burden people and/or be judged.

6. MEET DEXCOM’S NEW CUSTOMER SEGMENTS! In March, we unveiled Dexcom’s new consumer segments. Now, get to know them on a personal level as we go beyond the quantitative findings and bring them to life! Join us on Thursday, June 14th at 12pm As Vital Findings shares the recent qualitative learnings from our in-home ethnographies and national digital community. You’ll leave with a greater appreciation of how the segments think, feel, and act, and how Dexcom can best connect and engage with each segment. Want a sneak peak? Watch our teaser video for a quick meet and greet with the segments!

7. I want to be at ease and accept diabetes I want to conquer diabetes Vs.

8. There' Kevin is a problem solver in work and in life. An IT systems manager and former world-class athlete, he enjoys taking on his own (and other’s) issues head on with a calculated approach “Yeah, I love the busy-ness. I like staying busy. I don't like to take vacations. When I leave my house, I miss three things. I miss my dogs, I miss my wife, and I miss my computer. And not necessarily in that order. But I really do. Everything I need is right there, and I can solve problems, and I can find issues.” MEET KEVIN

9. “Show me the way”“I want support” Optimistic Organizer Content Coaster “I’m on track” “Things are looking up” Restless ReactorSupport Seekers “Level up!” Active Investigators Pinnacle of health and management The Trek Up Management Mountain How the segments perceive themselves HealthSatisfaction WELLNESS Diabetes Management APPROACH

10. A Suite of Deliverables

11. 17

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