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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: kiera1995


By Kiera Garrison & Paige Hetherington

 Box 1: Quick changing shots with camera shutter sound, showing images of different news reports and the child’s drawing. News report and police report sound (talking) over the shots and zooms onto papers.  Box 2: Low angle, looking up at child standing on a hill then walks off. (News report stops here). Fade to next shot of child kneeling by a grave, zooms in on her face slowly, whilst getting closer child starts to look at the camera.  Box 3: Fade to a black screen, words appear on screen (10 months later).  Box 4: Establishing shot of child and her new family. Quiet creepy music starts. Fades onto shot of child in garden swinging on her own.  Box 5: Fades onto a shot of child on her own on her bed speaking to self. Hear footsteps then shot fades to the parents walking up the stairs, listening to what the child is saying.  Box 6: Fades to a shot of the parents questioning everything about this child, flicking through paper work, ringing adoption agency etc.  Box 7: Hear running water behind a door (child’s foster mother listening outside), then water starts splashing around, parent tries to get in but its locked then it unlocks by self. See shot of child drowning.  Box 8: Fade shot to drive to hospital.When she gets to hospital and is getting help she starts screaming (going crazy). Doctors have to tie her down whilst they analyze her mental health state. Fade to a shot of child on the bed with knees to her chest rocking which a disturbing nursery rhyme playing over.

 Box 1: Establishing shot of children playing in play area and then switch to a shot-reverse-shot of the girl on her own and back to the children playing. Can hear the diegetic sound of the laughing and the happiness of the children.  Box 2: Fade too the girl at home showing her on her own whilst the rest of her family play together. Sad music being played over the top.  Box 3: Sad music turns creepier as the girl starts getting revenge on her siblings for leaving her out.  Box 4: Fade to child being left on her own again in her bedroom and she starts talking to herself and seeing evil spirits.Creepy music continues.  Box 5: Spirits start telling her to kill her siblings and she speaks back to them. She does so one by one and an over the shoulder shot of the camera looking over the girls shoulder at the siblings face as she kills each one.  Box 6: Parents put her in hospital and we see a pan shot of the girl attacking the nurses in the hospital because she is going crazy.  Box 7: Fade to black screen saying ‘Escapes...’ then you see a shot of the girl standing at the end of her driveway to her house looking at it.  Box 8:We see a gradual zoom onto the grave of the girl.

 Scene 1: Girl walking across a hill, looking like she’s just been up to something or is on the way to do something evil.  Scene 2: Girl walking towards the camera through a grave yard, showing empathy on her face but of evilness.  Scene 3: Shot of girl kneeling down by a grave stone, watching her look at the grave stone and then standing up to look at the camera to give off a spooky side.  Scene 4: Pan shot of the whole grave yard, camera moving around in a circle.  Scene 5: Last shot of the girl leaving the gravestone, charging off like she is going to do something evil.  Having the scenes in a grave stone gives the audience the feel that she may have committed murder or wants to, which closely links with the genre horror.

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