Storyboard draft 2 – forest sequence

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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: sarahsalehleytona2


Storyboard Draft 2 – Forest Sequence Our test shoot proved to be extremely helpful as it has given us insight to the things that we should change/add. We went back and refined a second draft that will be closer to our final storyboard, we have also split them into two, one for the forest sequence and for the container scenes in order for it to be as simplified as possible.

This page shows the new opening sequence we plan on filming as a way to introduce the audience to the location of the forest. Throughout this opening sequence we will be focusing on small details of the forest such as grass, tree tops and leaves in the breeze. The final 2 boxes are the beginning of the short film, in these two we plan on showing the jogger character jogging through the forest as way of introducing the character and a detail as to who he is. On this storyboard we have decided to include a number of shots that imply the jogger character is being followed by another character through the forest while also playing on the idea that the character is unknown by not showing them fully in any shot.

This storyboard is a continuation of the chase sequence as it shows the killer character following the jogger everywhere he goes. This storyboard shows the camera closing in on the jogger character as if it is the killer however then pans around to reveal the killer is behind to which the shot turns into shot reverse shot.

This storyboard consists on a shot reverse shot that follows through into a wide shot of both characters showing a pause as they both acknowledge each other before the jogger begins to run away and hide behind a tree with the killer shown behind. In this final storyboard, it shows the jogger running away and hiding behind a tree to which we plan on using a 360 arc to show the killer coming behind him before it being implied that he has killed the jogger through the blood dripping onto the tree.

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