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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: sarahsalehleytona2


Storyboard Draft 1

Box 1) We have decided that our short film will begin with an extreme close up of an newspaper article (that we will be producing ourselves) reading something along the lines of "Mother of 2 killed by known murdered" The focus on this article at the beginning will show the audience that this is a significant piece of the story. Box 2) In the following shots the camera begins to pull out revealing a red circle around this article again showing it is significant. Box 3) Again, similar to the previous shot the camera continues to pull out revealing more of the shot. Here we can begin to see lines linking from the article in the certain. Box 4) In this shot the audience begin to see that the links from the certain article are connected to other articles however the others have red crosses through them. (Continuing to pan out.) Box 5) Like the previous shot, this shot reveals more articles linked to the centre as well as links between the others with red crosses. (Continuing to pan out.) Box 6) This will be the final shot of the opening sequence. This shot reveals a full evidence board with newspaper articles and images with red crosses through all linking back to the centre article, apart from one article without a red cross through. (Camera stops panning out) This is the first storyboard we have produced of our idea, however we will be updating as we are still developing out story. The first slide consists of what we call the opening sequence as we have decided it will start our story film, nicely developing a back story for the main character.

Box 1) This shot will be a close up of the words "For Her' or something similar written or engraved into the evidence board to show the audience that what happens in the rest of the story is linked to both the article on the board and these words. Box 2 This shot will be begin at a low angle (floor level) and will include a red puddle and something from above dripping onto the floor. Box 3) This shot is a continuation of the previous shot as it pans up towards the source of the dripping revealing a table with a black bag on top of it Box 4) like the previous shot is also another continuation of the previous shot as the camera continuous to pan upwards showing the top of the black bag and a hanging light source. Box 5) The final shot in the upwards pan. This shot focuses on the light source as we think the brightness of the light will make a transition into a flashback that follows in next shot will work better, rather than just cutting to it. Box 6) This will be the first shot to feature a flashback. We have decided that this scene will shot in a shaky cam first person perspective of a forest and heavy breathing sound effect to make it look like the person is running away from something. Props Needed For this section of our short film we will need a cork board or whiteboard to use as an evidence board. As well as a number of newspaper articles and images used to fill out the board. We will get these by using existing newspaper articles as well as creating our own particularly for the centre article as it is important to the storyline.

Box 1) This will be the second scene taking place during the flashback sequence it will consist of a wide shot showing someone running away in a forest. Box 2) This shot takes place back in the warehouse and shows a mess will another pool of blood surrounding a chair tangled in rope hinting to the audience that a murder has taken place. We plan to make these scenes have a dark workshop/ warehouse feel to it therefore we will be working with low lightning and will be using a number of blurred to focused shot during these scenes. Box 3 & 4 In these next following shots (including boxes 1,2 & 3 in the next storyboard however not the flashback shots in the forest) will be a kind of montage sequence showing the vigilantly killer cleaning up the mess by wrapping up the rope from the chair and cleaning the blood off of the floor) Box 5) In this shot the person running away from something is taking a breath while leaning on a tree. This shot will be filmed by using a medium shot of the back of the person with trees in the background including heavy breathing sounds. Box 6) This shot will be a continuation of the previous as it is a first person perspective of the individual turning around reacting to a noise to find no one is there, however we are still considering including a kind of illusion of the vigilant killer being right behind and then disappears when the other character turns around to look. Props Needed During this section we will not need many props however the props we will need include fake blood or a puddle of water with red food colouring, a black bag moulded/stuff with newspaper to fill it out and a light source.

Box 1) In the first box of this section we have decided to continue the cleaning montage through to this section. The first scene includes a extreme close up of a hand wearing yellow gloves cleaning a table in a fast pace as we have decided that the cutting rate at this point will increase until the next section. Box 2) This shot is a continuation of the previous shot however zoomed out. For this shot we will be using a wide shot or an over the shoulder to show a blacked out figure cleaning the table. Box 3) This shot will include a close up of the vigilante killer organising his tools on to a tray as well as cleaning a knife to get rid of the blood. Here we will be using a blurred to focus shot. This is so the camera can focus on both the tools used and the knife being cleaned at the same time. Box 4) Flashback scene of the victim hiding behind a tree, with heavy breathing used. Box 5) continues from the previous scene to show the vigilante behind the tree that the victim is in from off showing the audience he is getting closer. Box 6) This shot is a close up of the victims face to show their emotions at this time (being scared and panicked) from this point onwards we will keep cutting between the killer and victim to build up suspense for the audience Props Needed. The props we will need during this section of the short film include utensils that are used during the 'murder' these include Rope, fake blood, yellow gloves and a chair all of which are used to add to the implied murder the scene.

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