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Published on August 11, 2007

Author: GenX


Programs and Policies to Prevent Child and Adolescent Obesity:  Programs and Policies to Prevent Child and Adolescent Obesity Mary Story, PhD RD Marsha Davis, PhD Division of Epidemiology University of Minnesota Early intervention is better…:  Early intervention is better… Overweight children are more likely to be overweight as adults Obese parents increase risk of child being obese Treating obesity in adults is very difficult Obesity Risk Factors:  Obesity Risk Factors Consumption of high-fat diet Overconsumption of energy Physical inactivity Key Intervention Strategies:  Key Intervention Strategies Increase physical activity Watch less television Consume a healthy diet Eat more fruits and vegetables Eat less high-fat food Drink more water and less soda pop Avenues for Intervention:  Avenues for Intervention Schools Communities Policy Monitoring food advertising andamp; marketing practices Food labeling Subsidization of healthy foods Safe exercise areas Environment Advantage of Schools :  Advantage of Schools 95% of youth are enrolled in school Continuous, intensive contact with children Good combination of… Health education Physical education Food service Health services Family contact School-based Approaches:  School-based Approaches Primary prevention – efforts focus on the prevention of the onset of obesity and target the all children Secondary prevention – efforts that target overweight youth Contributors to primary prevention:  Contributors to primary prevention Physical education program Classroom health education with outreach to families School food service Contributors to secondary prevention:  Contributors to secondary prevention School nurses Onsite clinics Prevention Development Guidelines:  Prevention Development Guidelines Address eating and exercise habits Involve parents to develop a supportive environment Emphasize lifelong exercise activities not competition Involve food service personnel in food selection and preparation Enhance skills to be more aware of eating and exercise Involve peers to develop a supportive environment Ten Recommendations from Overweight Youth for School-Based Weight Control Programs:  Ten Recommendations from Overweight Youth for School-Based Weight Control Programs Have a leader who understands Provide a supportive environment Engage in discussions to encourage teens to feel better about themselves Make program active and fun! Offer out-of-school, physical activities, including sports and games Ten Recommendations from Overweight Youth for School-Based Weight Control Programs (cont.):  Ten Recommendations from Overweight Youth for School-Based Weight Control Programs (cont.) Include activities to increase nutritional knowledge and skills Be sensitive to the social stigma related to overweight Reduce barriers to healthy eating and physical activity Evaluate changes in self-perceptions, eating and skills behaviors, and perceived social support Involve youth throughout programming School-Based Obesity Programs:  School-Based Obesity Programs Pathways – multi-center school-based intervention to reduce obesity of American Indian children 8 year, 2 phase study Objectives Promote healthy eating and increase physical activity with cultural sensitivity School-Based Obesity Programs (cont.):  School-Based Obesity Programs (cont.) New Moves Help overweight adolescent females adopt healthy physical activity and eating behaviors Enhance positive self-esteem Avoid unhealthy weight control behaviors Program includes Physical activity Nutritional guidance Social support Community-Based Approaches:  Community-Based Approaches Strategies More intensive physical activity Nutrition education Can be tailored in response to diverse needs, characteristics, values, and preferences Community-Based Programs :  Community-Based Programs California Adolescent Nutrition and Fitness (CANFit) Program Empowers youth serving, community-based organizations to develop and implement nutrition education and physical activity in programs Target low-income, multi-ethnic adolescents Goal is to increase availability of healthy food and safe, affordable physical activity Girls Health Enrichment Multi-site Study (GEMS):  Girls Health Enrichment Multi-site Study (GEMS) Goal: to promote healthful eating and physical activity for 8-10 year old African-American girls To be located in Twin Cities community centers that serve African-American youth 2 afternoons each week, after school Parent Involvement:  Parent Involvement Have ability to make changes in home environment Can reinforce each other around healthy eating and regular exercise Enhancing Parent Involvement:  Enhancing Parent Involvement Target families with a heightened perceived need to desire change Tailor program to specific characteristics of the family Have activities that parent and child can do together at home Environmental & Policy Issues:  Environmental andamp; Policy Issues Increase in tasty, inexpensive, high calorie foods Aggressive and sophisticated food marketing Increase in eating out Increased reliance on cars More labor-saving devices at home and work More TV and computer use Public Health:  Public Health Work to produce an community wide environment that supports healthy eating and activity Instill belief that obesity is not just an issue for the individual, family members, or health professionals – but is society’s concern Supportive Environment:  Supportive Environment Access to healthier food choices Affordable fruits and vegetables Lower fat food choices in local area Safe and affordable physical activity opportunities Neighborhood centers Well-groomed playgrounds and recreation fields Areas of Environmental Change:  Areas of Environmental Change Transportation and urban design policies Regulations Economic incentives Food and nutrition guidelines and policies Taxes Promotion and education Learn From Past Efforts:  Learn From Past Efforts Past Public Health campaigns can inform efforts around obesity Immunization Drunk driving Seat belt use Youth tobacco use Breastfeeding Target schools, parents, community, ordinances, and other public policies Summary:  Summary Intervention key Must have both increased physical activity andamp; a healthy diet Multi-faceted interventions Individuals Families Schools Communities Policies

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