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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: jakobmiller1723


PowerPoint Presentation: Picture Story Board By Jakob Miller My picture story board contains the first 10 shots of the opening sequence. It includes the action, shot type, length of shot, sound/lighting effects, graphic code, music, dialogue and transition. PowerPoint Presentation: SHOT 1 ACTION: Normal city life with the view of the university SHOT TYPE: Establishing Wide Shot LENGTH OF SHOT: 2 seconds SOUND/LIGHTING EFFECTS: Ambient sound of the city. Mellow sound as it is an equilibrium. High key lighting MUSIC: Slow paced piano Dialogue: professor giving a lecture TRANSITION: Dissolve SHOT 2: SHOT 2 ACTION: Students feet walking through the hall way SHOT TYPE: Low level close up LENGTH OF SHOT: 1 second SOUND/LIGHTING EFFECTS: Faded, non-diegetic speech from professor synchronising with footsteps. Low key lighting MUSIC: Lower tone piano, still slow paced DIALOGUE: Professor talking TRANSTITION: Fade SHOT 3: SHOT 3 ACTION : Professor writing on white board SHOT TYPE : Low angle mid shot LENGTH OF SHOT : 1 second SOUND/LIGHTING EFFECTS : High key lighting. non diegetic sound of steps with increased tempo MUSIC : Increased tempo on piano DIALOGUE : None TRANSTITION: Barn doors wipe SHOT 4: SHOT 4 ACTION: Class in order SHOT TYPE : Eye-line match, long shot LENGTH OF SHOT : 1 second SOUND/LIGHTING EFFECTS : High key lighting. Screeching of the pen on the white board sound bridges to the next scene MUSIC : Slow violin DIALOGUE : None+ TRANSTITION: Cut SHOT 5: SHOT 5 ACTION : From back of the class SHOT TYPE : High angle, long shot LENGTH OF SHOT : 1 second SOUND/LIGHTING EFFECTS : High key lighting, sounds of typing, murmuring and sound bridge of footsteps in corridor MUSIC: Deep, low sounding piano starts again slowly DIALOGUE : Murmuring TRANSTITION: Dissolve SHOT 6: SHOT 6 ACTION: Boy walking through corridor SHOT TYPE : Canted angle, mid shot LENGTH OF SHOT : 2 seconds SOUND/LIGHTING EFFECTS : Low key lighting, echoing footsteps. Distorted ambient sound of classroom GRAPHIC CODE: Credits-actors names MUSIC : Faster tempo piano and violin DIALOGUE : None TRANSTITION: Cut SHOT 7: SHOT 7 ACTION : Boy opening door SHOT TYPE: Extreme close up on door handle LENGTH OF SHOT : 1 second SOUND/LIGHTING EFFECTS : Very low key lighting, with spotlight high key lighting on door handle. Diegetic sound of door latch MUSIC : A single mellow tone which sound bridges DIALOGUE : Boy clearing throat TRANSTITION: Cut SHOT 8: SHOT 8 ACTION : Professor looking at door as boy enters SHOT TYPE: Eye line match, long shot LENGTH OF SHOT : 1 second SOUND/LIGHTING EFFECTS : Low key lighting in the room MUSIC : Sound bridge from last shot DIALOGUE : Professor talking to the boy TRANSTITION: Match on action Cut SHOT 9: SHOT 9 ACTION : Title shown SHOT TYPE : Graphic shot LENGTH OF SHOT : 3 seconds SOUND/LIGHTING EFFECTS : Eerie sounds, black background, bright writing GRAPHIC: Title MUSIC : Repeated high hat DIALOGUE : None TRANSTITION: Sharp cut SHOT 10: SHOT 10 ACTION : Boy and professor talking SHOT TYPE : T wo shot LENGTH OF SHOT : 5 seconds SOUND/LIGHTING EFFECTS : Low key lighting, professor as a high key glow MUSIC : Bass drum, slow paced DIALOGUE : Conversation about a formula TRANSTITION: Gradual dissolve Head teacher: Head teacher Main features: Bossy, persistent, relaxed, tall, calm and expressionless. Name: Mr Wright Age: 33 Clothes worn: White shirt, black trousers and a tie to show he is in charge. Props: Bright watch to show smugness.

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