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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: kalireynolds


Story Bird Creative Writing Assignment Using art work to generate writing

Create stories by searching artwork and choosing an illustrator  Use the artwork to guide your story, rather than trying to fit the artwork into a story you have in mind. Start by going to “Create” to see various types of art.  Once you find an illustrator you like, click on it and view the artwork. As you view the artwork, keep the assignment in mind to be sure you have enough pictures to complete the assignment because you can’t search for more pictures once you begin to write. One student was in the middle of his story when he realized there were not enough pictures to finish his story, which was frustrating.

Premix artists before you start to write  If you want to mix artists, you can do this by searching before you begin to write.  Choosing the artwork with the assignment in mind takes a bit longer than anticipated because you have to be sure you have enough pictures to complete your assignment. For example, if the assignment is to create a story with a beginning, middle and end, be sure there is a picture that could bring closure to your story.

Sharing your stories  You can write your own story or collaborate with someone else.  You can share your story with friends and family via email or codes.  You can share your story on a social network, and people can follow your stories and comment on them.

How did I use Story Bird?  To generate writing, it is especially helpful for students who are reluctant to write or have difficulty beginning a creative story  Show a few examples of books that have been created that address the topic I will be teaching. For example, show a book that has a clear beginning, middle and ending.

Student Creates Story  As a teacher, you can go in and create a class. You can enter students names, or students can log in themselves by entering a code the teacher gives them. It is easier to give students a code and let them log themselves in than to enter every students into the class.  You can assign a certain artist or let students choose their own art work.

How I used Story Bird  First, students were asked to write a story with a beginning, middle and ending.  Next, they were asked to go back and add dialogue, and to include emotions.  Finally, they were asked to edit for descriptive words.  All along they were to edit for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Brave Knights  2/?token=xndce38dne

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