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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: Demetrio_Maguigad



We walk around everyday with pre-existing stories that act as filters to what we read, see, hear and smell. We use what we know to make sense of a thing and pass a judgement on whether or not it fits within the narrative we choose to believe. We seek meaning, and much of that meaning is based on what we already know and accept to be true. In this session, participants will learn to use story-based strategy in their organizational analysis to think through and develop appropriate messages that will ring with their audiences. Story-based strategy & analysis helps us understand and more effectively frame narratives that are acceptable and believable to them. It also helps us think about how to challenge and contest narratives that work against our own strategies. This is an introduction to my course on this subject.


STORY STRATEGY 101 Aren't we always telling stories? What's the big deal? Presented by: Demetrio P. Cardona-Maguigad

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Introduction Who’s in the room?

What is this a picture of?

How do you know?

Culture A matrix of shared mental maps that define how we collectively create meaning and understand the world around us.

Narrative Power Inevitably, popular culture is an ever evolving, contested space of struggle, where competing voices, experiences, and perspectives fight to answer the questions” Whose maps determine what is meaningful? Whose stories are considered true?

What are some mythologies with narrative power?

What are some mythologies with narrative power? • Thanksgiving • Santa Clause • Tooth Fairy

What about these mythologies? • Energy & Oil • Mother Nature • Welfare & Poverty

How did this happen? “The idyllic partnership of 17th Century European Pilgrims and New England Indians sharing a celebratory meal appears to be less than 120 years-old. And it was only after the First World War that a version of such a PuritanIndian partnership took hold in elementary schools across the American landscape. We can thank the invention of textbooks and their mass purchase by public schools for embedding this "Thanksgiving" image in our modern minds.” - Richard Greener

Dominant & Popular Culture As certain ideas, practices and worldviews become normalized over time, they form a dominant or popular culture that disproportionately represents institutional interests and perpetuates the stories that validate certain agendas.

This is why most of us believe this is a cat

Elements of Story • Conflict • Characters • Imagery • Foreshadowing • Assumptions

Join us for our Full Day Session • Elements of Story & Your Mission • Narrative & Power Analysis • Memes as Vehicles For Messages • Messaging and Framing Your Mission • Campaigns & Strategy Development

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