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Published on April 22, 2014

Author: DenniHepburn


Storm Thorgerson These photographs were directed by Storm Thorgerson. He has worked a lot with Pink Floyd and has made his very distinct mark. Storm is very creative with his work and goes for the very different rather than the ordinary. With the first photo, on the left, is for the front cover of the album there is the very vintage wash over it. With this he has done a simple front shot but used depth of field. As the band members get further away, the less definition. The use of the same photograph, within the photograph shows Thorgerson’s signature look. It could be the use of reflection as well. The highlights come from the outside lighting, making the shadows really dark, which show the contrast from dark to light, adding more detail. Storm uses an old fashioned camera, possibly an Okaya Optical Lord. At this time photographers would rely on the camera to make sure the picture is good. With there being no view finder, they would have to wait till they have been developed by using the chemicals to see the photograph. This would take a lot of time and patients. These days we rely on the editing part of photography. We also have the help from the cameras themselves. They can be adjusted and have a viewfinder. With the detail of the photograph being within the photograph hung on the wall, shows the directors different style, with the photograph on the right, he has laid out all the equipment the band uses. This shows Storms efforts to put a photograph together. Writing Pink Floyd on the bass’ shows the band’s name in small detail, it adds an interesting point to the photograph. The leading lines the photograph has goes well with the equipment because they are placed to lead you into the photo, adding depth.

Having the band as not the main focus in the photograph on the right is a way to make the photograph more interesting. The first thing the audience will see is the instruments, and then every time they look at the composition there will be something new to see. With this photograph just being the back of the album means that the band doesn’t have to be the main focus, however, them being there shows who the band is.

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