Stop Your Dog's Digging Under the Fence

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Information about Stop Your Dog's Digging Under the Fence

Published on September 9, 2009

Author: webbed


Slide 1: How to Keep Your Dog From Digging Under the Fence Slide 2: Why Your Dog is Digging… Escape Comfort Attention Slide 3: Escape Your dog may have the urge to escape in order to get to something, explore or go somewhere in his field of vision. It's a very common scenario. The biggest hint that your dog is digging to escape is when he digs along the fence line or under the fence. Slide 4: Escape - Recommendations Install Chickenwire:Lining the bottom of the fench with chicken wire that lays about 2 feet from the fence line will stop his digging in no time. Your dog will be deterred by the feeling of the chicken wire on his paws and stop before any damage is done. Slide 5: Escape - Recommendations Bury Rocks Along the Baseline:If setting up a chickenwire barrier sounds like too much work, you can implant or bury rocks along the baseline of the fence. Your dog will give up quickly when he starts digging into the rocks. Slide 6: Escape - Recommendations Bury the Fence Deep:When you setup the fence, plant the base two feet below the ground. This strategy doesn't necessarily prevent the digging, but it is a safety measure to ensure your dog doesn't actually escape. Slide 7: Escape - Recommendations Check for Inviting Prey:Look for signs of nesting animals along the fence's baseline to see if your dog is trying to catch something. Depending on where you live, there might be a whole host of distractions on the other side of the fence. Slide 8: Comfort Hot weather is a powerful digging trigger to your dog's subconscious. Your dog digs in hot weather to find a spot in the underlying cool dirt in which to lay. It's a fairly smart strategy from a dog's perspective actually. Slide 9: Comfort - Recommendations Dog Houses work well:Build (or buy) your dog an insulated dog house outside. Ensure that it provides protection from wind as well as sun. If you build or buy one that's versatile, it will last a lifetime. Make sure it protects from both hot and cold temperatures. Slide 10: Comfort - Recommendations Keep Your Dog Hydrated:Make sure you leave out a water dish that can easily be accessed by your dog outside. When your dog is hydrated properly, his body temperature will cool and make him more comfortable. On particularly hot days, throw some ice cubes in the water bowl. Slide 11: Attention A good indicator that your dog is digging for attention is when you've repeatedly corrected him and he makes it a point to dig in front of you. Your dog may also dig for attention if you haven't had much time lately for training, exercising him or just showing him some love with petting and positive reinforcement. Slide 12: Attention - Recommendations The "Safe" Zone:Set up an area in the yard that has some cover from wind and sun. Establish this as the "safe" digging zone for your dog. Pick a place near your fence that's less visible to passerby’s. Slide 13: Attention - Recommendations Manage Your Time:Don't just ignore this red flag. Start spending more time with your dog. You should spend at least 1 hour a day training your dog. That doesn't include exercise time or general walks. Slide 14: If you'd like to discover the shortcut solution on how to keep your dog from digging, you can find it at: Check it out Now!

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