Stop Writing Software Start Making Products

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Information about Stop Writing Software Start Making Products

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: comakers



We keep using the word "product" in Agile development. Arguably the most critical role in process like Scrum is the product owner. Yet, the majority of software written isn't sold as a product. And, the organizations that create projects to build their software, they don't think of it as a product either. They create software that supports operations and extends services in banks, airlines, insurance companies, government, and tens of thousands of organizations who's primary business isn't selling their software. But, sadly the result of project thinking is often on time, on budget delivery of software that no one really values.

This talk is about the difference between product thinking and project thinking. It's about how product companies have continued to innovate product design processes to place more emphasis on faster learning to improves product success. It's about more traditional IT organizations shedding project language and thinking in favor of product-centric approaches. It's about practices that your organization can adopt that help place emphasis on building software that customers and users really value.

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