Stop Motion Animation Ideation Process and Final Product

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Information about Stop Motion Animation Ideation Process and Final Product

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: Krystal_Aguilar



Stop Motion Animation artistic video inspired by Snow White. I call it "We Are What We See ."
This fairytale illustrates our consumption of media and technology becomes like a transformative portal, shaping and forming our mind, and potentially our being.
I made this through multiple photographs, Adobe Audition and Premiere.

Stop Motion Animation Video

Ideation Process From inspiration, brainstorm, to ideas

Eiko Ishioka Costume and Production Designer, Director

Atypical + Builds character through out story

Life to Inanimate Object / Create Impossible Reality Brainstorm ★ Live in a Fairytale ★ Be a princess ★ Be Snow White or Cinderella, they sing and animals sing-a-long and brooms clean ★ Be a celebrity when you want to be ★ Draw make-up /outfit on paper and have it appear on face magically ★ Go into a Disney movie ★ Become a different race/nationality when you want

Stop Motion Animation Ideation 1. Drawing - From Fashion Sketch to Fashion Fetch Props: Sketchpad + Pen + Scarves + Flowers + Make-up Visual: Me drawing a fashion sketch, audience will see the end result the same time I will. I will try to replicate outfit with sketch. 2. Pixelation/Object - Everyday Costume Props: Make-up materials, 4 looks for 4 seasons Visual: Audience will see me apply make-up, it will look “fastforward” 3. Pixelation/Object - How-to Costume Tutorial Props: Objects + Me Visual: Objects will dance, with flashes of the costume being put together on me, ending with the final costume look.

Storyboard 1. Drawing - From Fashion Sketch to Fashion 2. Pixelation - Everyday Costume 3. Pixelation/Object - How-to Costume Tutorial

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