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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: das_gv



I want to stop killing my child with my own aotomobile's pollution. How do I do this ?

Hi there ! You're here because you have decided to stop killing your child with your automobile exhaust. Here's what you can do next.

Step 1 – Do what you have to do You can reduce your own contribution to the pollution that is killing your child, right now. Reduce the use of your personal car or 2-wheeler to a minimum. Switch to sustainable transport instead. Sustainable transport = Public transport + Cycling + Walking Ideally, take a Bus OR Walk OR Cycle. When these are not possible, use an Auto or a Taxi.

Great ! You've solved the problem in your own home. What about the pollution from the vehicles of your friends, your relatives, colleagues at work ? You can reduce this too ! Step 2 – Persuade others

Simple ! Make your own presentation. Modify the original presentation - change the personal parts of the story to your story, health problems caused by pollution to you and your loved ones. Use your presentation (or the original one) to convince - your friends and relatives - parents in your children's school - colleagues at work Spread the presentation on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. How ?

Great ! You've personally reduced the pollution that is killing your child, and you're persuading other people you know. The next job is to persuade the government to improve facilities for sustainable transport - improve the bus system - implement the commuter rail system, - improve facilities for cycling - improve facilities for walking. Step 3 – Persuade the government

No, you're not ! Get together with other people who want to stop killing their children, at work, in your locality. Show the presentation to your local government representatives – your Corporator, MLA, MP. Keep asking them periodically what they have done. At election time, when people come to ask for your vote, ask what they are going to do about sustainable transport. How ? I'm just a powerless individual !

Your child will thank you ! Stop killing your child ! Today ! Get in touch with me at :

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