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Published on April 11, 2008

Author: wizap


PowerPoint Presentation: A letter from an unborn baby: PowerPoint Presentation: Hi mom!, how are you?, I am doing just fine thanks. Only a few days have gone by since I was conceived and I am now growing in your tummy. PowerPoint Presentation: To tell you the truth I can’t explain how happy I am to know that you are my mom. I am sure I am going to be the happiest baby alive. It also makes me proud to know that I was conceived out of love. PowerPoint Presentation: Mommy, a month has gone past and I have started to notice how my body is forming. I know I am not much to look at now but just wait and see I’ll make you so proud! Even though I am feeling happy I sense something is wrong!... You seem to be having strange thoughts that leave me restless and worried, but I am sure everything is going to be ok! Don’t despair. PowerPoint Presentation: Two and a half months have gone by mom, I now have hands that I can use to play with. Oh I am so happy. PowerPoint Presentation: Mommy, please tell me what’s wrong? Why are you crying so much lately? Why do you and dad argue every time you meet up with one another? Don’t you guys want me anymore? I’m going to do everything I can to make you want me… PowerPoint Presentation: 3 months have now past mom, but you still seem to be so sad. I am not sure what is going on, I am so confused. Today we went to see the doctor and he booked an appointment for you tomorrow. I don’t understand why I am feeling so good and you aren’t mom! PowerPoint Presentation: Uh!!! What is this thing doing inside of my house? Mommy, where are we going?, What’s happening? Mommy, this is not normally the time you take your afternoon nap, don’t lie down. Besides I am not tired I still want to play. Is it a new toy?! Hey! It’s sucking up my house… PowerPoint Presentation: Mommy!!! Stop them, that’s my hand!!! Please…, don’t tug at me! No…. Don’t hit me you hurting me?! Defend me mom!!! Can’t you see I’m still small I can’t defend myself! Mommy, my leg, they ripping it out!!! Help me mom!!! PowerPoint Presentation: Tell them to stop, I promise I’ll stop kicking them if they do. How is it possible that a human being can be doing this to me? Oh mommy, I can’t go on anymore… he…lp me… PowerPoint Presentation: 17 years have gone by since you made that fateful decision. How you still suffer over the very thought of it. Please don’t cry, remember that I love you and I’ll be waiting for you with open arms. Love you lots!!! Your baby. PowerPoint Presentation: Participate in the campaign: “All AGAINST ABORTION !” PowerPoint Presentation: Pass this presentation on…. PowerPoint Presentation: we can help save lives. PowerPoint Presentation: A photographer decided to do coverage on one of medicines greatest achievements. An operation of a 21 week old foetus inside of it’s mothers womb, known to be suffering from ‘spina bifida’. Little did he know that the image he captured was to be of such importance in this fight for life and is still used for this purpose to this very day. This extraordinary moment of a baby stretching out his tiny little hand and holding on to the finger of the surgeon was captured by Paul Harris. PowerPoint Presentation: The story behind this touching picture, reflects the struggle experienced by a couple who fought against all odds to save the life of their first child. This amazing photo was published by various newspapers across the United States, travelling the world over eventually reaching Ireland where it became one of the most powerful voices AGAINST the legalization of ABORTION . PowerPoint Presentation: Say yes to life! PowerPoint Presentation: Please, pass this message on to all your contacts.

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