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Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Carmela


Notre Dame Cathedral Maurice de Sully, Paris, France, 1163 :  Notre Dame Cathedral Maurice de Sully, Paris, France, 1163 STONE MASONRY Sedimentary Igneous Metamorphic TYPES OF STONE MASONARY:  TYPES OF STONE MASONARY Sedimentary Sediment from shell and marine organisms via water & wind i.e: limestone,sandstone Igneous rock deposited in a molten state and cooled i.e: granite Metamorphic igneous or sedimentary rock that has been transformed thru heat and pressure i.e: marble, slate Slide3:  THAT LAST SLIDE WAS A JOKE, IN THAT THE WORD MASONRY WAS SPELLED WRONG. IT’S NOT MASONARY , like most people think, PLEASE DON’T MAKE THAT MISTAKE! AND IF YOU DO MAKE THAT MISTAKE DO NOT TELL PEOPLE WHO YOUR PROFESSOR WAS! Remember: ONLY 1 “A” AND ONLY 3 SYLLABLES MASONRY the Parthenon atop the Acropolis:  the Parthenon atop the Acropolis Sedimentary: limestone sandstone travertine can not accept a polish porous: contains ground water “quartz sap” that must be dried out Caryatids: stone columns in the shape of Greek women:  Caryatids: stone columns in the shape of Greek women Sedimentary: sandstone mostly calcium and magnesium travertine: looks like marble but is richly patterned limestone TYPES OF LIMESTONE:  TYPES OF LIMESTONE   white buff gray oxide red IGNEOUS STONE DEPOSITED IN A MOLTEN STATE AFTER BEING CREATED INSIDE THE EARTH FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS :  IGNEOUS STONE DEPOSITED IN A MOLTEN STATE AFTER BEING CREATED INSIDE THE EARTH FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS GRANITE composed of Mica Feldspar Quartz Very hard (strongest of common stones) Non-porous Metamorphic Stone :  Metamorphic Stone Marble A METAMORPHIC ROCK CONSISTING OF FINE TO COARSE GRAINED RECRYSTALLIZED CALCITE(LIMESTONE) MARBLE MAY BE PINK, WHITE, GRAY, RED OR BLACK, DEPENDING ON THE IMPURITIES IN THE ORIGINAL LIMESTONE Slate ;’dlfj g Marble, a metamorphic stone :  Marble, a metamorphic stone Types of Marble ;hd ;hjdsf Slate, a metamorphic stone:  Slate, a metamorphic stone Pictures and types Slide11:  PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF MARBLE Slide12:  QUARRYING & MILLING STONE Slide13:  MARBLE QUARRIES Slide14:  LKVXJ KLZJV LKK GG INDIANA LIMESTONE:  INDIANA LIMESTONE THIN FACE LIMESTONE WITH PRECAST CONCRETE BACKING:  THIN FACE LIMESTONE WITH PRECAST CONCRETE BACKING STEEL REINFORCING :  STEEL REINFORCING FINISHED PRODUCT AT YARD:  FINISHED PRODUCT AT YARD MECHANICAL ATTACHMENT :  MECHANICAL ATTACHMENT OF THIN FACE VENEER THESE ARE STEPS JUST INCASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW:  THESE ARE STEPS JUST INCASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW SOME STONES ARE LAID IN MORTAR Slide26:  MARBLE TILES MARBLE TILES ARE EASILY IDENTIFIED BY THEIR MINERAL VEINS MARBLE TILES ARE GENERALLY SOLD WITH POLISHED & SEALED SURFACES. Slide27:  SIZES MARBLE SLABS Slide28:  DANBY WHITE VERDE ANTIQUE CHAMPLAIN BLACK Slide29:  MARBLE SHOPS Slide30:  THIS IS CALLED A BELLE-CRANE NOW YOU KNOW Slide31:  PORTABLE STONE ROUTER RUBBLE STONE:  RUBBLE STONE rubble: random non-rectilinear shapes ASHLAR STONE:  ASHLAR STONE coursed: rectilinear shapes with continuous horizontal mortar joints.

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