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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Tutu1


Evaluating school nutrition policies:: Evaluating school nutrition policies: Tools to measure policy implementation and environmental change to support healthy eating Sarah Stone-Francisco, MPH Samuels & Associates National Prevention Summit October 25, 2005 Acknowledgements: Samuels & Associates 2 Acknowledgements Miriam Walter Kate Schluter Lisa Craypo Maria Boyle Sarah Samuels Slide 3: Samuels & Associates 3 School Food and Beverage Venues School Vending Machines School Cafeteria School Store Sacramento Bee 10/21/05 Mary Story; University of Minnesota Research  Policy: Research  Policy The most frequently sold a la carte items were pizza (75%), chips (75%), cookies (72%), and soda (71%). School Food & Beverage Environment: Samuels & Associates 5 School Food & Beverage Environment Competitive foods are particularly present in middle and high schools Available throughout the school day Many vendors Generate revenue Policy efforts to improve competitive foods: Samuels & Associates 6 Policy efforts to improve competitive foods California school district beverage and nutrition policies Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Eureka City, Capistrano, Hemet. . . California state legislation (K-12) SB965 & SB12 An Evaluation Approach: Environmental Assessments: Samuels & Associates 7 An Evaluation Approach: Environmental Assessments Observational environmental assessment instrument School foods nutrient database Stakeholder interviews Policy analysis Uses of Environmental Assessment Data: Samuels & Associates 8 Uses of Environmental Assessment Data Snapshot of the school environment Monitor environmental change over time Measure extent of policy implementation Assess nutrient profile of foods and beverages sold on campus Assessment process: Environmental Assessment methods: Samuels & Associates 9 Assessment process: Environmental Assessment methods Walk around the school Inventory foods and beverages in the main competitive food venues Observe snack and lunch periods Interview school administrators & staff Assessment tools: Food and Beverage Environmental Assessment Tool: Samuels & Associates 10 Assessment tools: Food and Beverage Environmental Assessment Tool Locations and times of competitive food and beverage sales Marketing and advertising Food and beverage item name, size, selling price Nutrient content of foods Supplemental: presence of healthy items, water fountains, revenues, fundraisers, purchase mechanisms, concessions Assessment tools: School Foods Nutrient Database: Samuels & Associates 11 Assessment tools: School Foods Nutrient Database 1293 food products Data collection: Environmental assessment tool Tracking down manufacturers’ data Web searches Phone calls Convenience or grocery store visit School food service data USDA nutrient databanks Standard Reference (SR17) Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies (FNDDS) Assessment tools: School Foods Nutrient Database (cont.): Samuels & Associates 12 Assessment tools: School Foods Nutrient Database (cont.) For each item, the SFND contains: Product information Name of product Manufacturer Serving and product size Total calories Nutrient information Total fat grams per serving Total saturated fat grams per serving Total grams of sugar Source of data Nutrient analysis: Samuels & Associates 13 Nutrient analysis Apply the nutrient profiles for each of the foods to the data file cataloguing the location, price, and number of times an item was found Calculate total calorie size, percent of total calories from fat and saturated fat, and percent of weight from sugar Compare the nutrient profiles to nutrition standards and policies to determine the types and proportion of foods and beverages that adhere Foods that do not adhere: Samuels & Associates 14 Foods that do not adhere bagel and cream cheesewaffles-cmiburrito-fernando's-red hotburrito-los cabosburrito-los cabos-bean and cheesecheese nachoschicken sandwich-tyler fully cooked hot and spicy breaded chchicken-barbeque drumstickchicken-nuggetschicken-popcorn chickenchicken-spicy pattychicken-stripschicken-wingschimichangachimichanga-fernando'schimichanga-fernando's-beefchips and salsahamburgerhamburger-pierre cn-flame broiled hamburgerhamburger-with cheesehamhamburger-don lee farmshot doghot dog-chili cheesedoghot dog-gold medal-ground beef hot dog with homestyle bunhot dog-hot linkhot dog-sysco-turkey corn doginstant soup-maruchan-beefinstant soup-maruchan-california vegetableinstant soup-maruchan-chickeninstant soup-maruchan-picanteinstant soup-maruchan-shrimpmeal-chili with chipsmeal-corn chowder with chipsmeal-philly cheese steak sandwich with potato saladnachosnachos-chili cheesenachos-chips with cheese cupsoup-campbells-chicken noodleinstant soup-maruchan-cup of noodlesinstant soup-nissin-cup noodlessoup-nong shim-picante bowl of noodle soupbrowniebrownie-buena vista-low fatbrownie-buena vista-low fat chocolate chip fudgebrownie-linda's-chocolate fudgebrownie-olde new england-pecan 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Nature-salted cashewsnuts-planters-cashewsnuts-planters-lightly salted peanutsnuts-planters-peanutsnuts-planters-salted peanutsnuts-snak club-salted cashewsnuts-snak club-unsalted cashewsseeds-david's-roasted and salted sunflower seedsseeds-fiesta-nacho sizzlin hot sunflower seedsseeds-honey roasted sunflower seedsseeds-kars-sunflower seedsseeds-sizzlin hot sunflowertrail mix-fritolay-honey flavored trail mixtrail mix-snak club-flavored trial mixdried fruit-muncheros-saladitos-dried salted plumsfruitfruit and whip cream-strawberries fresh sliced in cup largefruit-applefruit-bananafruit-freshfruit-orangefruit-peach sliced in cupfruit-pineapple sliced in cupfruit-strawberries fresh cut in cupfruit-wholepickles-jane's-dillvegetable snack-veggi cup with hot picovegetablesvegetables-broccolivegetables-carrot sticksvegetables-carrots-6 minivegetables-celery-5 piecesyogurt-rockview farms-strawberry lowfatyogurt-western family-lemonjerky product-enjoy-beef steak kabob peppercornfrozen yogurt-california-nonfat fudge browniebagel-sara leenuts-blue diamond-smokehouse almondschicken-goldkist farms chicken pattybagel-lender's-plainchips-genisoy-apple cinnamon crunch soy crispschips-genisoy-rich cheddar cheese soy crispschips-genisoy-tangy salt and vinegar soy crispschips-stacy's-sweet bbq soy thin crispschips-stacy's-white cheddar soy thin crispsenergy bar-clif-chocolate chipenergy bar-clif-chocolate chip peanut crunchenergy bar-clif-lemon poppy seedenergy bar-power bar harvest whole grain double chocolateenergy bar-power bar harvest whole grain peanut butter chocogranola bar-health valley-dutch apple granola bargranola bar-quaker-chewy peanut butter and chocolate chunkbeef jerky-oberto-thin style beef jerky-pepperednuts-beer nuts-almondsnuts-beer nuts-sweet and salty cashewsnuts-express snacks-all natural whole almondsnuts-express snacks-roasted salted pistachiosnuts-express snacks-whole roasted cashewsbreakfast bar-quaker-brown sugar and cinnamonpretzels-i.m. healthy soy nut butter pretzelseeds-azar-sunflower seeds power snackstaquito-fiesta chicken taquitosandwich-barbeque beefchicken-pierre-chicken drummettes with oven friessandwich-turkey and hamnutrition bar-nugo-chocolate nutrition barnutrition bar-nugo-peanut butter nutrition barsnack mix-chex-sweet and salty honey nutsnack mix-express snacks-all natural wasabi green peassnack mix-express snacks-oriental rice snackssoup-campbells-cream of broccolisoup-campbells-minestronesandwich-tasty nada pocket sandwich-tacosandwich-tasty nada pocket sandwich-turkey taco with cheesevegetables-perana-baby carrotsvegetables-william bolthouse farms-carrotscookies-tom's-animal crackersnuts-tom's-great american toasted salted peanutspretzels-tom's-gold rush-baked mini pretzels Analysis: Comparing school foods to policies: Samuels & Associates 17 Analysis: Comparing school foods to policies PERCENT OF FOODS ADHERING TO STATE NUTRITION STANDARDS Beverages found on school campuses: NOT ALLOWED under SB965: Samuels & Associates 18 Beverages found on school campuses: NOT ALLOWED under SB965 Aquafina flavored water- wild berry Nestea Iced Tea Snapple peach ice tea Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea Lipton Brisk Iced Tea Nestea Cool iced tea Lipton's Brisk lemon iced tea Lipton brisk iced tea- raspberry Nestea Natural Lemon Flavored Iced Tea Nestea hot cocoa mix-dark chocolate Lipton brisk iced tea- pink lemonade Nestea Iced Tea, from soda fountain Glaceau Vitamin water- fruit punch Glaceau Vitamin water- kiwi strawberry Glaceau Vitamin water- tropical citrus Sparkling riptide fortified water-raspberry boost with sucralose Aquafina- flavor splash- raspberry Tropicana sugarfree orangeade Aquafina flavored water- citrus blend Slush Puppie- blue raspberry Slush Puppie- cherry Slush Puppie- Thelma's frozen lemonade Dole light cranberry juice Welch's cranberry juice cocktail Minute Maid lemonade, from soda fountain Hi-C Poppin' Pink Lemonade, from soda fountain Shasta Cola Shasta Root Beer caffeine free Mirinda strawberry soda Mirinda naranja Diet Coke Diet Dr. Pepper Coke C2 Diet Coke Vanilla Diet Pepsi Diet RC Cola with Splenda Diet Seven Up Diet Sierra Mist Diet Coke with Lime Soda Diet Shasta Cola Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red Hawaiian Punch Cool tropics slushie-cherry Cool tropics slushie-blue raspberry Tropicana strawberry lemonade Fruit Works Fruit Punch Juice Drink Ocean Spray-kiwi strawberry Capri Sun pacific cooler Capri Sun fruit punch Capri Sun Wild Cherry Minute Maid Pink Lemonade Minute Maid Ruby Red Grapefruit Ridgefield smoothies-raspberry blue Ridgefield smoothies-kiwi Ridgefield smoothies-cherry Veryfine fruit2o plus citrus energy Snapple Kiwi Strawberry Snapple Mango Madness Minutemaid apple raspberry 25% juice Minute Maid Strawberry Raspberry 30% Juice Minute Maid Cran Apple Minute Maid Lemonade Juice drink Tropicana orangeade 3% juice Tropicana strawberry melon drink 5% juice Tropicana pink lemonade 3% juice Snapple Pink Lemonade Minute Maid cranberry raspberry apple blend pink lemonade, from soda fountain Snapple Fruit Punch Snapple Orange Mango Welch's fruit punch Welch's Strawberry Kiwi Drink Welch's lemonade Welch's grape juice Country Time Lemonade Tahitian Treat Fruit Punch Ridgefield Lemonade Slushy Ridgefield Strawberry Slushy Ridgefield Watermelon Slushy Ridgefield Green Apple Slushy Minute Maid cranberry grape juice Tropicana Lemonade Tropicana Peach Papaya Tropicana fruit punch Tropicana Strawberry Kiwi Sunny Delight Original A&W Rootbeer Barq's Rootbeer Cactus Cooler Coke Coke Cherry Dr. Pepper Fanta Orange Fanta strawberry Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Code Red Mug Root Beer Pepsi Pepsi Wild Cherry RC Cola Seven Up Sierra Mist Slice Slice Orange Sprite Squirt Sunkist Orange Soda Vanilla Coke Welch's Grape Soda Pepsi Vanilla Welch's Pineapple soda Hansen's- flavor unknown Pibb Xtra, from soda fountain Minute Maid Orange soda, from soda fountain Minute Maid Strawberry soda, from soda fountain Dr. Shasta Beverages found on school campuses: ALLOWED under SB965: Samuels & Associates 19 Beverages found on school campuses: ALLOWED under SB965 IN ALL SCHOOLS Snapple 100% apple juice Snapple 100% fruit punch Minute Maid 100% apple juice Treetop 100% Apple Juice 100% orange juice brand unknown Minute Maid 100% orange juice Driftwood 100% real orange juice Driftwood apple juice Driftwood wild berry blend 100% juice Dole 100% juice- flavor unknown Dole 100% apple juice Tropicana 100% apple juice season's best Tropican 100% Grape Juice Welch's 100% white grape peach juice Welch's 100% white grape berry juice Welch's 100% white grape cherry juice Langer's 100% pineapple juice Langer's 100% tropical punch Welch's 100% apple juice Welch's 100% Orange Juice Langer's 100% Apple Juice Langer's 100% Orange Juice Welch's 100% Grape Juice Driftwood wild cherry 100% juice Switch 100% Tropical Punch juice Switch 100% Watermelon Strawberry Juice Dasani water Aquafina water Crystal Geyser water Aqua Pure Mountain Water water brand unknown Crystal Splash Drinking Water Arrowhead water Kirkland water Dejablue water Niagara water Dasani natural lemon flavored Dasani natural raspberry flavored Driftwood Nonfat Chocolate Milk Driftwood reduced fat milk 2% Milk 1% Chocolate Driftwood stawberry splash 1% flavored milk Driftwood Milk 1% Chocolate ONLY IN MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOLS Powerade fruit punch Powerade mountain blast Powerade orange Propel Fitness water berry Powerade lemon lime Gatorade orange Gatorade fruit punch Gatorade lemon lime Gatorade strawberry kiwi Gatorade cool blue Gatorade melon Gatorade riptide rush Powerade Orange with B Vitamin Gatorade Fierce melon Crystal Splash Electrolyte Replacement Beverage-wild berry Gatorade glacier freeze Gatorade ice strawberry Crystal Splash Electrolyte Replacement Beverage-Kiwi Strawbe Gatorade fierce grape Propel Fitness Water kiwi strawberry Analysis: Comparing school beverages to policies: Samuels & Associates 20 Analysis: Comparing school beverages to policies PERCENT OF BEVERAGES ADHERING TO STATE NUTRITION STANDARDS Policy  Evaluation: Policy  Evaluation Contact: Samuels & Associates 22 Contact For more information contact: Sarah Stone-Francisco Samuels & Associates (510) 271-6799

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