Stone Fox by Livi and Caitlin

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Information about Stone Fox by Livi and Caitlin

Published on March 3, 2009

Author: paularmknecht


Stone Fox : Stone Fox Author: John Reynolds Gardiner Illustrated By: Marcia Sewall By: Caitlin And Olivia Chapter Setting-Wyoming (Potato Farm)1 : Chapter Setting-Wyoming (Potato Farm)1 Characters-Grandfather, little Willy(lives with Grandfather), Doc Smith, and Searchlight(Little Willy’s dog) Conflict-Something is wrong with Grandfather, he won’t get out of bed and he is crying. little Willy goes to get Doc Smith. Searchlight Chapter 1 Chapter 2 : Chapter 2 Searchlight Traits… Female, Strong, Close To Family, Greenest Eyes Ever, Communicates very well with others. Little Willy Traits… Worried about Grandfather, Found a great way to communicate with others, Wants to help Grandfather, little Willy harvest’s crops to sale, Gives away his college money to help Grandfather. Chapter 3 : Chapter 3 Searchlight She is very helpful to the farm. She waits outside little Willy’s school everyday. She helps the family out a lot. Chapter 4 : Chapter 4 Cause and Effect Needs to pay taxes Giving up on life Hasn’t paid taxes Might lose farm A little man came to the threatened to sell to door to collect money the farm Owes money Grandfather is giving up on his life Chapter 5 : Chapter 5 Little Willy tries to go to the bank. The banker says that he should sell the farm. Then little Willy Goes into town and everyone agrees with the banker, little Willy should sell the farm . When little Willy walks by a old store he sees that there is going to be a Dog Sled Race. Little Willy thinks that if he enters that he might win and be able to pay the taxes. Chapter 6 : Chapter 6 Our prediction of the race is that…… It will be rough and tough. There will be fighting over who wins and who loses. Stone Fox has never lost a race. Stone Fox is a big Indian man and tries to win money to buy his property back. Chapter 7 : Chapter 7 Little Willy is determined to win!!!!! Stone Fox might win. Little Willy wants to help Grandfather save the farm. Stone Fox has five dogs. Chapter 8 : Chapter 8 A Summary: It was the day of the race and little Willy was nervous. His eye was swollen shut, from Stone Fox when he hit little Willy in the eye. He tried to hide his eye from everybody but it wasn’t working. Little Willy went to the starting line everybody was lined up and ready to start. The people bet that Stone Fox would win. Then Mayor Smiley shot the pistol and the race began. Chapter 9 : Chapter 9 The main idea of this chapter is little Willy is winning. Then little Willy sees a strange man in side his house but it’s really Grandfather. Also Stone Fox is starting to catch up by a nose from one of his Samoyeds. Little Willy keeps going and gets his lead back! ? ? Chapter 10 : Chapter 10 The Conclusion: The conclusion for this story is that little Willy won the race but barley because Searchlight died exactly 100ft. From the finish line… Stone Fox was kind to little Willy about Searchlight. Stone Fox put Searchlight in little Willy’s arms and little Willy crossed the finish line. ?

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