Stone Fox by Lakyn and Kailia

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Information about Stone Fox by Lakyn and Kailia

Published on March 3, 2009

Author: paularmknecht


Stone Fox : Stone Fox Author: John Reynolds Gardiner Illustrated by : Marcia Sewall Slide show by Lakyn and Kailia Chapter 1 : Chapter 1 Setting: Wyoming Potato Farm Characters: Grandfather Little Willy Searchlight Doc Smith Conflict: Something is wrong with grandfather. Grandfather is giving up according to Doc Smith. Wyoming Chapter 2 : Chapter 2 Willy Traits :clever, tries to help with the potato farm, tries to help Grandfather in every way Search light Traits :a smart dog, understands Grandfathers sigh language, helps with the plowing in the fields . Searchlight : Searchlight Searchlight is helping little Willy with errands. She also is helping little Willy help grandfather. CHAPTER 3 Chapter 4 : Chapter 4 Cause Effect Didn’t pay the taxes Because he hasn't paid the taxes To Collect $$$ Searchlight growling Owes money Might lose the Farm Owes $500 Little Man Little Man pulls gun Grandfather is giving up Slide 6: Chapter 5 “ The Way” Everyone told Little Willy that he should sell the farm because it was the only way to save Grandfather. Little Willy thought that they were wrong and that there was another way to save Grandfather. Little Willy wanted to enter the sled dog race with Searchlight , with the prize as $500 it’s just enough to pay off the taxes. Willy thinks that if he wins Grandfather will get better. Any amount of dogs can be entered in the race even 1. Slide 7: Chapter 6 Stone Fox We predict that Stone Fox ( the big Indian) will lose the race to help Little Willy. He will want Little Willy to help his Grandfather. We also think Stone Fox will talk to the white men because he might lose the race. In the chapter Little Willy goes to City Hall to get to enter the race. The mayor said that he could not enter the race, but Little Willy was determined to win the race and save the potato farm and Grandfather. Then he runs into Stone Fox. CHAPTER 7 : CHAPTER 7 Searchlight and Little Willy can’t sleep the night before the race. They went to get Grandfather medicine cause’ he was out on the way home Willy heard dog barks so he decided to investigate ,so he did. When he found the source it was Stone Foxes' team of sled dogs. THE MEETING The day : The day CHAPTER 8 The day of the race is here and Little Willy is all worked up that he is going to win . All bets were on Stone Fox and none on Little Willy . Although his eye was all black and swollen and he couldn't see he and Searchlight knew the track by heart. THE RACE : THE RACE Chapter 9 The main idea of the chapter is that Little Willy is in the lead of the race. Here are some of the details that contain in the chapter Stone Fox is dead last in the race Little Willy is in 1st place Little Willy sees grandfather sitting up in his bed Little Willy gets over excited when he sees Grandfather sitting up Then Stone Fox makes his move and catches up to Little Willy and is in 2nd place. THE RACE IS ON!!!! Go Little Willy!!! Chapter 10 : Chapter 10 The Finish Line In the conclusion of the story Stone Fox helps Little Willy win the race instead of winning himself. Searchlight’s heart explodes 10 feet from the finish line. Then Stone Fox pulls his rifle and draws a line with his moccasin and then he says ‘’ if anyone that goes pass this line I’ll shoot!” Little Willy carries Searchlight and he wins! Searchlight

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