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Published on March 3, 2009

Author: paularmknecht


Stone fox : Stone fox Author John Reynolds Illustrator Marcia Sewall Presented by Hailey & Anna Chapter 1 : Chapter 1 Little Willy woke up one day and went to his grandfathers bedroom and saw that he wasn’t doing his morning work that he usually does. He was laying in bed instead. Then Doc Smith comes and examines on him and says that he is perfectly fine. But that he’s just giving up on his life!!!!!!!! Chapter 2 : Chapter 2 What we learned more about Searchlight that she is a strong female that communicates with her family members very well and she was very very close to the family . Also she has beautiful green eyes and dark black fur and a white diamond on her forehead. Little Willy was determined to help his grandfather by harvesting crops for sale and trying to give away his college money but his grandfather wouldn’t let him. Chapter 3 : Chapter 3 This chapter was called searchlight. Searchlight helped Little Willy around the house. She helped Willy by taking him to Lester's general store. When ever Little Willy had to go some where Searchlight would get him there so fast that you could barely see them. Also when searchlight saw the house she would get every ounce of strength she had left in her to get back home. Chapter 4 : Chapter 4 Grandfather didn’t pay his taxes Someone has to collect money Searchlight was growling Grandfather owes money He might lose his potato farm He owes $500 dollars Man pulls out a gun He's giving up on life chapter 5 : chapter 5 This chapter is called the way. In this chapter little Willy found a way to help his grandfather. Little Willy had to help his grandfather by helping him pay the taxes so he will not lose his farm. first Little Willy went to the bank to get money but he only had $50 in his account but the president of the bank wouldn’t let him . So then he went to Lester’s general store and he saw a poster that had a add for a dog sled race. So he took it home and showed it to grandfather and he said “I could win”. Also it had the right amount of prize money witch it was five hundred dollars so he could pay the taxes . Chapter 6 : Chapter 6 This chapter is called stone fox. Stone Fox is a very tall and silent Indian man. The reason why he is silent is because he wont talk to white men. The reason why Stone fox won’t talk to white men is because his tribe was forced to move from Utah to Wyoming. We think what the thing that is going to happen is that maybe Little Willy might win the race because he is really determined to win. Chapter 7 : Chapter 7 This chapter is called The Meeting. This chapter is about Little Willy meeting his biggest competition Stone Fox. He went into a old barn by the school house and saw Stone Fox’s five white Samoyeds . Then Stone Fox was in the room and he punched his face because he thought Little Willy would steel his dogs. After Little Willy said to Stone Fox that he was going to win the race. We think that the next chapter is going to be about the day of the race and Little Willy will be really tired from the night before. Chapter 8 : Chapter 8 This chapter is called The Day. In this chapter it was the day of the big race and Little Willy’s eye was swollen shut. Everybody that Little Willy knew was there even the city slickers. There was Doc. Smith, Lester, Miss. Williams, Mr. Foster, Mayor Smiley, and Dusty the drunk. When little Willy was about to go on the race his throat was dry because he was very nervous. Then Mayor Smiley raised the pistol to the sky and fired. So the race began !!! Chapter 9 : Chapter 9 Main Idea The main idea is that Little Willy is in first place. Details Stone Fox Started out at last place but then he picked up speed. He started passing people until he caught up with Willy! So then Stone fox’s dogs’ Got a nose ahead then Searchlight ran faster until she got ahead but not for long. Then they came to the farm and Little Willy saw grandfather an they thought it was somebody else at first. Chapter 10 : Chapter 10 This chapter is called the finish line . On this chapter the conclusion is that Little Willy and searchlight were only 100 feet from the finish line when searchlight’s heart burst and died instantly. So Stone fox stopped and kneeled and put one large hand on searchlight’s chest and Little Willy said is she dead? Stone Fox said I don’t feel a heart beat. So then Stone Fox drew a line then he took his rifle and shot it in the air and said nobody cross this line or I’ll shoot so Willy picked up searchlight and walked the last 10 feet and crossed the finish line.

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