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Published on June 18, 2007

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Slide1:  P2P Content Delivery Damien Stolarz Chief Software Architect Blue Falcon Networks November 7, 2001 Definitions:  Definitions DRM- digital rights management, techniques for reducing ease of pirating CDN- content delivery network, a breed of companies that colocate caching servers around the world and push the content closer to point of consumption, for extra fees Multicast- 1) A network protocol available but usually disabled in routers for efficient delivery of broadcast events 2) any general approach to efficient cascading of broadcast data on a network topology 'near VHS' or 'VHS' Quality- 300k-500k 'DVD' Quality- 800k, 1000k MPEG-4 generation codecs (including WM8,RM8) Streaming Definitions:  Streaming Definitions Streaming- delivering audio or video with a media server (Real/MS/QT); contrasted with downloading or 'progressive download' Progressive download- viewing/listening to content while it is downloaded Live streaming- 100k-300k RealVideo, Windows Media, or Quicktime for consumers; 1000k (1M) Mpeg 2 for corporate LAN/multicast- also called 'broadcast', 'simulcast', 'webcast' On-Demand Streaming- 300-500k using streaming server, Real or MS or other format Video: Costs:  Video: Costs Shopping for bandwidth is a crucial task, requiring careful traffic forecasting, flexible contingency plans and complex agreements with providers. Getting these details right can mean the difference between a snappy Web site and a sluggish one that’s prone to frequent brownouts. Or, perhaps just as worse, spending tens of thousands of dollars unnecessarily. The Industry Standard January 2001 Video: Expense:  Video: Expense DEN Pseudo Icebox The whole supply chain is broken Video: Failure = success for content streaming CDN’s and ISP’s:  Video: Failure = success for content streaming CDN’s and ISP’s Bandwidth IS metered and expensive While Broadband consumers may be 'all you can eat', ISP’s, CDN’s are not The less people show up, the more money the ISP makes ISP’s are losing money on streams! Video: Success = failure for streaming content providers :  Video: Success = failure for streaming content providers Content providers don’t want too many users and don’t want to be popular Users demand the video yet the providers can’t deliver it $35/CPM currently needed to be profitable Content providers are losing money on streams! Video: Scaling Failure:  Video: Scaling Failure Scheduled media events are a self-initiated smurf attack: a denial-of-service technique involving thousands of peer nodes Video: Live webcasts:  Video: Live webcasts Victoria Secret webcast – Feb 1999 – (estimate) ~50,000 simultaneous users Madonna Webcast- Nov,2000- ~120,000 simultaneous users The whole supply chain is broken The Internet is not real-time:  The Internet is not real-time The Internet was not designed with end-to-end guarantees. Real-time video does not play without end to end guarantees. We are brute-forcing the problem with edge networks, high speed, buffering, congestion detection, bitrate adjustment, bandwidth detection, redirection, etc. Jittery ISP bandwidth is adequate for web but abysmal for streaming, edge network or not. P2P approaches:  P2P approaches Publishing: push the content ahead of time so it is there when you need it Time shifting: push the content off hours, when the bandwidth is cheaper, and use P2P as an adjunct to that Instant mirror sites: Have each downloader act as an immediate mirror site to other users, for content that is attacked 'all at once' Broadcast: on LANs, cable modems possibly, use broadcast addresses and have everyone view (live) or cache (on demand) Proxy caching: any nodes that act as proxies, automatically cache everything that passes. Network Scenarios:  Network Scenarios Consumer network- dynamic IP, low-speed broadband, sometimes NAT, 1-3 machines per LAN Corporate network- managed network, nested NAT’s, tens of subnets, remote branch offices Cable Modem ISP network- approximately 10Mbit, 500-2000 homes per trunk, shared medium, data collision, throttled choppy upstream DSL ISP network- complicated back-ends, frame cloud traffic, up to 40:1 overprovisioning P2P Bandwidth Available :  P2P Bandwidth Available Broadband defined as andgt;= 300k down, 100k up ADSL- average 384k down, 128k up Cable- maybe, 500k down, 400k up (quite variable) College/Corporate- shared T1’s and T3’s Minimum broadband upstream- 128kbps 1000 viewer broadcast of stream- 128Mbps extra bandwidth available Problems with P2P approach:  Problems with P2P approach QOS (quality of service) Users come on and off the network Video is more time sensitive than web pages Firewalls NAT/Firewalls- p2p traffic inhibited Brokers- allow p2p comm, but double the traffic and save no money ISPs ISP’s may backlash if not compensated for their bandwidth use Users may not be allowed, technically, to serve Security DRM – content providers always concerned Hacking- is the client machine now more vulnerable? Competiton Will different P2P systems compete for resources? Are P2P file systems incompatible? Corporate corporation doesn’t want software mapping out it’s internal LAN corporate policy does not allow internal trans-subnet communication Streaming as a form of DRM:  Streaming as a form of DRM Live Streaming feels more secure to content providers Because of the lower bitrate (i.e. 100-300), users are still likely to want the DVD copy or The packets are 'in the air' and not stored on the users hard drive, reducing the likelyhood of copying User Attitudes towards plugins:  User Attitudes towards plugins End users are getting used to plugins P2P requires software on the client The benefit of 'preinstalled players' will decrease with always on broadband UI is seen as the area to capture and retain users, both for audio and video Blur between web player, java player, active-x control Virtual Multicast:  Virtual Multicast Flash movie and/or demo:  Flash movie and/or demo Unusual p2p examples:  Unusual p2p examples Quake Server- Distributed, solves real-time interactive gaming, server embedded in client, resource shared is bandwidth and latency Shoutcast/Icecast- client server audio, but a new kind of server, easy for anyone to set up and run More resources than just CPU/disk space…:  More resources than just CPU/disk space… Storage CPU/computation Bandwidth Latency/Proximity Presence Different P2P Network Uses:  Different P2P Network Uses Napster- managed terabytes of p2p comm with megabytes of central comm ICQ similar- majority of comm is p2p Groove- uses proxies when p2p comm is not possible CPU harvesting is batch p2p and can be scheduled to low-peak times Links:  Links

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